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The best from Xti!

The bigger brands novelties come with autumn’s arrival, and Xti is no exception. That is why, on today’s post, we are going to show you all the new Xti ankle boots, boots, sneakers and bags for this season. Come with us!

Xti ankle boots

To get through autumn comfortably, there is nothing better than some ankle boots, and Xti knows that better than anyone. And it is precisely for that reason that they give us a lot of ankle boots options, from high heels to flat heels.

High heeled ankle boots

For the confident woman that knows exactly what she wants, there is nothing better than some high heeled ankle boots. And because every great woman deserves great shoes, Xti made these geometrical pattern cut-out ankle boots. As you can see, besides the original and lovely pattern, these boots are topped with metallic details that will help you show all of your strength!high heeled xti ankle boots


But, if you are not a fan of very high heels, you can also check these black ankle boots with metallic studs. They have a smaller heel but have a very comfortable height that sharpens your elegance. And the metallic studs give them a very special touch, don’t you think?

studded xti ankle boots

Flat ankle boots

If there is anything that wonders all women, are flat ankle boots. Of course, there is nothing as safer as having your feet on the ground, and Xti excels in that with practical options that have original details. As you can see in these brown ankle boots, their foot front is very simple, but they have sparkly and colourful studs on their back side to top that.

flat ankle boots with sparkly stones

But it is not just with studs and sparkles that Xti rocks! Check these pendant ankle boots, how original! Besides the pendant, have you noticed their back side? Just look at the original scale pattern!

pendant ankle boots

Boots for the young adventurers

There is nothing better than some comfortable and warm boots to keep a young girls feet cosy. And this brand knows very well how to please them, that is why they created these simple and wonderful beige boots that you can wear with skirts or shorts. And you can bend the shaft if you want, letting their warm synthetic wool interior show.

synthetic wool xti boots

But if they prefer shorter boots, how about these pink boots with shoelaces? They have a shorter shaft but have a cushioned reinforcement on the ankle area, they are not just very comfortable, they can adapt to any style as well. And, to top that, they are also available in white!

shoelace xti boots

Xti sneakers

Autumn is not just for boots and ankle boots, and because there are always some of us that rather wear practical sneakers, Xti has brought us a lot of original options for your daily basis. Come and see!

Sparkly sneakers

If you want something comfortable but still want to stand out, then we have just what you need! In these black zipper sneakers, all the elements come together so that your feet stand out, from the mix of different materials to the black and bronze colours that match perfectly. And if you would like to get a few extra centimetres, these sparkly sneakers are just your thing! Apart from the 4 cm platform, they are covered in sparkly black stones; they are as discrete as glamorous!

xti sneakers

Mesh sneakers

Xti made these elaborate mesh sneakers so that sporty women don’t go unnoticed! Besides being very light and comfortable, it is the fact that they are made of mesh that gives them an unprecedented originality. And to top that they come in smooth and lovely colours, such as grey and pink!

mesh sneakers

Xti bags

Bags are an indispensable accessory in every woman’s wardrobe, so we have the lovely bags and backpacks Xti made for this season.

Bags that top simplicity

There is nothing better than a roomy and practical bag that fits any occasion and outfit. That can be seen in this beautiful studded bag, the camel colour is very adaptable and has a strap that lets you use it on your shoulder, becoming more comfortable and practical. Apart from that, you can use it as a handbag, giving you a more professional look. And, if you prefer, it is also available in camel.

xti bags

Exotic bags

If you like smaller bags, there is nothing better than these exotic looking studded Xti bags, they almost look like they came from the Arabia’s. And that is due to their metallic and sparkly studded patterns; the first one has a flower, while the second one, besides being round and having a lovely khaki colour, has a sun. They are not only original; they are also very beautiful and practical!

metallic studded bags

Backpacks for adventures

If you like to go on adventures and want to make sure you have room for everything you need, a backpack is the right choice! This black Xti backpack has a lot of pockets that let you always have everything you need, and it has so much room inside that you could almost carry your house around!

xti backpack

We’ve shown you the immense novelties that Xti has given us for this season. Now you just have to take a leap to our online shoe store EscapeShoes and pick the best option! So, hurry up before they run out!


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