Get to know the new Xuz collection!

The Xuz spring / summer collection 2019 has arrived at EscapeShoes, so get ready to be completely blown away! On this blog post we’ll show you this new collection, which includes:

  • Flat sandals
  • High heeled sandals
  • Wooden clogs

Flat sandals

It wouldn’t be a summer collection without sandals, right? And if you prefer to wear flats in your day-to-day life, then you’ll love Xuz’s flat sandals! Their butterfly design on the back is so elegant and original, while their shades are very versatile. Which one do you prefer, gold or brown?

High heeled sandals

However, if you prefer Xuz sandals that provide you those extra centimetres of height, you need to go with high heels! There are many options for you, all with its popular Pop heel, known for its wideness and for providing for stability as you walk. Furthermore, you can even find two EscapeShoes exclusive models! I.e. you can’t find them in any other store! They’re the Pop Heel Honey Leather Sandals and the Pop Heel Crute Brown Sandals. However, you’ve many other sandals to choose from!

Wooden clogs

No Xuz collection would be complete without clogs with alder wooden sole, right? You’ve the traditional low heeled clogs, either with snake print or with glossy lacquer, which are trendy. However, surely the most stand-out Xuz clogs are the Brown with Strap and Appliqués, since they embody everything we love about this Portuguese brand! Rusticity and femininity in a single pair!

Furthermore, you can also find high heeled clogs, for an extra elegant look! Once again, you’ve many options to choose from!

Now the tough part has come… to choose! We know that it’s not easy, but we’re sure you’ll be able to pick the pair that matches more with you. Therefore, go to the EscapeShoes online store and place the order of your Xuz now before you let your ideal pair slip away!

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