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tenis pretos

Following our last post on white sneakers, how to combine them and some suggestions, today we bring you the same but on black sneakers!

Combining comfort with your style, black sneakers cannot be missing in your shoe options.

Being for a walk on sunny days that are already felt with the arrival of the new season, for a relaxed look, but also for a more formal situation, at work or at an event that requires a more special look, with your black sneakers you will never lose your style combined with the comfort that only these can offer you.

Black sneakers are timeless and are always in fashion, so they are an excellent investment, next season they will remain current.

In this post we will show you some options to make your choice easier.

How to combine Black Sneakers:

In the following images we will show you some ideas on how to combine your black sneakers with a casual look.

Ténis Pretos

For a date with friends or a moment of relaxation, black sneakers will provide you with well-being combined with the right look, being the perfect option to match your favorite jeans, but also with a cooler dress that already starts to make you want to. take out of the wardrobes, with the arrival of spring.

In the next images we will show you some ideas on how to combine your black sneakers with a formal look.

Ténis Pretos

In more formal situations, black sneakers are also an indispensable piece, you can combine them with almost your entire wardrobe, maintaining the elegance that the occasion requires. If your work permits, they are also an excellent option to spend your day-to-day in a comfortable way, thus maintaining your style.

Our suggestions:

Now we are going to give you some options of brands and models, so that you can choose according to your taste and needs. .


Ténis Converse

Always so versatile, these Converse models have been with us for several generations, both in the low version, as well as in the boot, leather or fabric version, with high or lower soles, they are an indispensable piece in your wardrobe. In addition to being easy to combine, they are comfortable and win, without a doubt, for their versatility. Choose your favorite model and rock!



Ténis Fila

With these Fila models you can combine the quality and comfort provided by their sole, which although thick is super light, highlighting its unique style.They are very practical for your day-to-day, yet making a difference for its irreverent design!



Ténis Merrell

Another suggestion of black sneakers is this model from Merrell, with it your feet will feel the difference.For longer walks, keeping your style relaxed, practical and comfortable, as is usual in this brand.Try it now!


Ténis Pepe Jeans

The original design of this model, Adams Coco by Pepe Jeans, the excellent finishes and of course its color so easy to match, adapts easily to your jeans, but also to a more formal look. It thus becomes an essential basic in your wardrobe.They are a great choice of black sneakers for your collection.



Ténis Timberland

These Timberland models, the Emerald Bay Knit, the Earth Rally Flexiknit and also the Broolyn Flexi Knit can be your best allies in your morning exercise, or for your day-to-day activities. Practical and comfortable, made with light but very resistant materials, ready to cushion all the impact providing you with a pleasant and stylish ride. A great way to spend your day!

Now that you have several options for black sneakers and different ways to combine them, order your favorite model now in our online store!

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