Comfortable Ankle Boots

botins confortáveis

There is always that classic doubt, between Summer and Autumn: can you wear boots already? While responses vary and opinions are divided, comfortable ankle boots are here to untie and make a smoother transition from open shoes to boots. 

Ankle boots are the type of comfortable shoes that always combine well and that, even in summer, are an option for festival looks or when the floor invites you to protect your foot more without giving up being in fashion.

We have been so long without worrying about what-is-what-matches-with-what (everything is fine when combined with a bathing suit) that it is painful to return to the exercise of formal conjugation. But since it has to be, be comfortable, right?

There are some tips that we must take into account when referring to comfortable shoes, whatever the occasion. Choosing a shoe with malleable materials, spacious enough, with a robust sole and that provide immediate comfort is essential.

You shouldn´t base your footwear purchases on the idea that you can expand or believe that you will end up getting used to the model. You should feel comfort at the first test and pay attention to other tips like those listed here to buy comfortable shoes.

Take a look now at our suggestions for ankle boots that will make you parade comfort and elegance this Fall / Winter season.


botins confortáveis carmela

Carmela has long lived in the best materials and, consequently, in comfort that is difficult to match. The new models combine this characteristic with neutral colors, which makes them the most obvious choice for your daily life, whether at work or out of it.

Don’t be fooled by models with heels. Those 6 cm in no way compromise the comfort guaranteed by the slight compensation of the heel at the front but also (and mainly) by the inner lining of the soft and padded shoe. Whether you choose flat shoes or heels, zippers or elastics, these are the most comfortable ankle boots you’ll ever wear!



botins confortáveis cubanas

In the same vein but with their own unique and unmistakable style, these new Cubanas models ensure that, in addition to being comfortable, they are within the main trends. Both for the metallic design of the first model (also available in brown), as well as for the ethnic / natural pattern with relief of the second or for the animal print of the latest.


Lemon Jelly

botins confortáveis fly london

Lemon Jelly leaves its comfort zone of wellies and invests in ankle boots, with a discreet military style (an essential trend this season). Despite continuing to use the best rubber boots on the market, these ankle boots are reinforced with fur to ensure extra comfort on the coldest days.

For the milder, there is the simplest model that stands out for its laces with the brand inscription in white to contrast with the color of the model. They are irresistible, aren’t they?

Fly London

Botins Confortáveis Fly London

Who said that white shoes are used in winter? Fly London continues to prove the opposite and invests in this color for its new ankle boots

Whether platform or heel with 4cm, these models are comfortable hyper, not only for the use of the best materials, but also for the compensation of the soles and interior reinforcement. As the brand name promises, you will feel yourself floating with these ankle boots this season.



botins confortáveis xti

They are really calling out of snow, these new Xti ankle boots, aren’t they? The brand bets on the clear and romantic ankle boots for this season, with reinforced textile material (fur effect) in the main options to guarantee your comfort. Whether for its simplicity or for the right color and measure, the effect is incredible and the result is in sight. And if, on top of that, you are not content with just a new pair of ankle boots, they make your life easier because they are the most accessible. 


Already looking forward to the new season? At least there is always a good excuse to buy new ankle boots, if only to give morale to the always painful return to work. Have you chosen which ones are best suited to your day-to-day?


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