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It seems like a lie, but the summer holidays are over and going back to the office routine is a close reality. In this article we will suggest the most comfortable footwear options to work with, even if the desire is to continue with the beach outfit.

We have been so long without worrying about what-is-what-matches-with-what (everything is fine when combined with a bathing suit) that it is painful to return to the exercise of formal conjugation. Since it has to be, be comfortable, right?

There are some tips that we should take into account when referring to comfortable shoes for work, or for any other occasion. Choose for shoes with malleable materials, spacious enough, with a sturdy sole that provide immediate comfort.

You shouldn´t base your footwear purchases on the idea that you can expand or believe that you will end up getting used to the model. You should feel comfort at the first test and pay attention to other tips like those listed here to buy comfortable shoes to work with.Take a look at our suggestions now, for her and for him.


Comfortable sneakers for her

ténis confortáveis para trabalhar

If your company is young, dynamic and therefore less demanding when it comes to a more formal look, you can abuse sneakers. However, always try to choose for sneakers with higher quality materials, or with elegant details. This is the case with the pearl white Converse with golden eyelets to match the other details in the same color that give it an exquisite touch. The Gant on the side have similar notes but fulfill the requirements of a more formal style. If you want to be fashionable and not give up on platforms, do it in style and choose for some Converse in leather like those in the image (also available in white).


Comfortable sneakers for him

ténis confortáveis para trabalhar

For men, these are some of the options that best suit the workplace. Choose for this brown Pepe Jeans model, which, despite being made of synthetic leather, has a leathery aspect and, therefore, gives greater refinement. Also the navy blue of the same brand has suede details that make the difference, while the bet on black Converse is a neutral bet and, therefore, wins.


Comfortable heels for her

saltos confortáveis para trabalhar

If, on the contrary, you work in a more formal company and always have to be ready and presentable for any last minute meeting or presentation, the bet on the heels is always a winning bet. But beware of leaps at work or you’ll end up not even being able to concentrate on your tasks, it’s so uncomfortable. Always choose for robust, compensated heels with a maximum of 5cm. Enjoy while you can walk with your feet bare and choose between this most classic navy blue model from Gant, modern and comfortable ones from Fly London or even this most elegant heel from Ugg Australia. It has more than the recommended 5cm, it is well compensated at the front and very comfortable.


Comfortable shoes for him

sapatos confortáveis para trabalhar

These are the best choices for their job since they never compromise. Comfort is precisely the nickname of the shoes that give the necessary elegance to any organizational environment.Timberland sneakers-shoes are a perfect mix between the requirement of formal shoes and the casualness of sneakers. If you prefer to be ready for any last minute meeting or presentation it is better to bet on clássic sailing shoes from the same brand, there is no way to fail. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of traditional shoes, bet on a bolder model by Dr. Martens.


Comfortable ankle boots for her

botins confortáveis para trabalhar

There is always that classic doubt, between Summer and Autumn: can you wear boots already? While responses vary and opinions are divided, here are the ankle boots to untie and make a smoother transition from open shoes to boots. Ankle boots are the type of comfortable shoes that always combine well and that, even in Summer, are an option for festival looks or when the floor invites you to protect your foot more without giving up being in fashion. Choose models with elegant accents such as the lace on these XUZ boots, neutral colors that match everything like these beije Cubanas in the image, or a more open and bold model as this our suggestion from Ruika


Comfortable boots for him

botas confortáveis para trabalhar

For them, we suggest these models from brands recognized for their quality, as is the case with these classic Timberland that combine with a more casual work style, as well as the gray ones from Palladium or the black ones from Dr. Martens.


Comfortable ballerinas – an extra for her

sabrinas confortáveis para trabalhar

These are best friends at work because they never compromise. Comfort is precisely the nickname for ballerinas and gives the necessary elegance to any organizational environment. The mules fulfill the same function and these gold ones from Cubanas are really that ideal model to go back to the office and show off your summer tan. Melissa black with buckle allows you to adapt to the next season, while Carmela`s yellow ones have a slight heel that makes the difference between being a more casual or more formal model.


Already looking forward to going back to the office? At least there is always a good excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, if only to give morale for the return to work. Above all, be true to your style and don’t give up comfort. Have you chosen which ones are best suited to your work environment?


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