Female military style boots for an irreverent look!

dr martens

We had already told you about one of the great trends in women`s cowboy boots in a previous post. But it isn´t just these boots that walk on the feet of all women, so today we are going to tell you about another one of this year’s big trends:women’s military style boots. Come with us to see the most irreverent models!

The military style

Traditionally, the military style is characterized by uprightness and rigor. And, of course, it gives primacy to colors like black, gray, navy blue or the typical troop green. But in an era when barriers are meant to be broken, even this style has already jumped into the middle of the city and is part of our daily lives with original and irreverent variations.That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to show you some models of military style boots, both more classic and more rebellious. Read on to see the best in this style.

Classic boots 

The most classic and well-known model of military boots are Dr.Martens boots.This iconic black-skinned model never goes out of style and, despite having a traditional look, they are used by musicians and artists of various styles.What could be better than combining military rigor with artistic freedom? Absolutely nothing!

botas militares

I mean… unless you talk about the Ruika suede boots in khaki green! This model is also very similar to the traditional one and with the khaki green color, there are more military elements.But if you look carefully, you can see that they have metallic closures adorning the toecap and heel, which gives them a more modern touch.

Modern style 

And since we’re talking about modern touches, take a look at Fly London Brooklyn Ball Blue ankle boots. Have you seen that they are oil blue? It´s true, it´s a very beautiful tone and they have a robust sole with a small compensated heel.They are an excellent variation of the traditional model.botas militares fly london

However, if you really want to be original, how about the Fly London Hijinx Haku Red? These ankle boots are a great alternative to the typical military model because the sole is platform and then the red color is really bombastic, not to mention that they are also available in black and white.They are a kind of meeting between the military style and the irreverence of an electronic music party.They are very original and different from the typical military rigidity.

How to Wear Military Style Boots

You may not think so, but military boots are very versatile, adapting to various styles that you can use on different occasions. As we said earlier, they adapt very well to music concerts.They are great for an alternative style or even casual chic, and you can wear them with a light or classic dress.You can use them simply with jeans or leather pants, which you can hide inside the boots or let them show your ankle. And you can even take a chance with baggy pants for a more sporty style. But see for yourself in the examples below, for sure you will have lots of ideas.

looks botas de estilo militar

Where to buy military style boots 

You have already proved that military style boots are really versatile and combine perfectly with lots of looks, right? So now you just need to come to our online shoe store: EscapeShoes! There you will find all these classic and original models. Come on and radicalize your look!

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