Today, the blog post is dedicated to a recent brand here at EscapeShoes, but it’s already all the rage! It’s the Fila! I’m sure you’ve heard of this brand, because it’s hard to walk down the street without seeing someone wearing your clothes or shoes. It’s an Italian brand, focused on sporting goods that are both quality and practical – and this is especially evident in their sneakers! The most popular are the ones with thick soles, which are now trending, but you can also find other different styles of sneakers. Come meet them all in today’s post!

What’s New in Fila Fall/Winter 2021


This autumn/winter, Fila kept its classic lines and the usual durable leather and synthetic materials. The colors also do not vary much, continuing the bet on white and metallic shades.

Thus, you can find, in the new collection, the Strada Dreamster A Wmn Silver, the Sandblast L Wmn White and the Crosscourt 2 F Low Wmn White , which are super elegant, glamorous, feminine and modern.


What’s New Spring/Summer 2022 

Ténis Fila

In this Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Fila sought to maintain the lines and some characteristics that have marked the brand’s path, but wanted to differentiate itself and show that there is more to the world than the classic Disruptor. So, as the season demands, it brings us news with different colors and tones, from the brightest to the most pastel, for all tastes.

Take a look at some examples of the models available, in the photo above: the Retronique 22 Flamingo Pink Daylily, the Fxventuno F Low Iridescent, the Disruptor F White Blue Glass and, finally, the Strada Dreamster Blue Glass.


Best of all is the comfort you’ll feel as soon as you put on your Fila sneakers! Whether for a woman or a man, each pair is specially made so that you walk very comfortably. Even the thick-soled ones! You might think they are very heavy, but that’s not at all true! They are so incredibly light it’s like walking on clouds! So don’t waste any more time and order your Fila sneakerss now before they run out! Where? At EscapeShoes, of course!

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