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The most sparkling All Star sneakers!

I’m sure you know the Converse All Star model. But what if I told you that gold and silver Converse and sneakers and boots are now available? Wasn’t expecting it, was I? Come with us to see these models in new colors!!

For you who favor comfort, there’s nothing better than sneakers, and the Converse All Star model has long been one of the public’s favorites.

Despite the variety of colors and models, the most chosen are still the classic All Star Oxford whites.They have a neutral and classic color, which “goes with everything”, which, let’s face it, is a great start to choosing some sneakers. There’s nothing better than not being worried about combinations, because sneakers go well with anything in your closet. You can wear them with jeans, baggy pants, shorts for a more casual and relaxed look, and even with skirts and dresses, for a more formal or special situation.

However, today’s theme is two very different models of neutral white: the gold Converse and the silver ones. Let’s meet them? Come on!

Golden Converse

Converse launched a golden model, with a rose hue , which arrived to rock. It´s available in our lonline store and adds shine to your feet and shows that sneakers combine with glamour.

Who has never wanted to be bold in their shoes, make a difference, wear sneakers and maintain the elegance and glamour that a gold color always adds? Now it’s possible and the model is super beautiful. Try it and you’ll see that you don’t want anything else!

all star dourado


As you can see in the image, in addition to the golden/rose gold tone, this model maintains the Converse All Star personality, combined with an upgrade in glamor and in the elegance and difference in your feet. The sole remains similar to that of the other All Stars, as well as the laces and the toe cap, so that the shoes’ identity will last.

This golden tone always transports us to a world of fairy tales, where shine, elegance, beauty reign and where you can enter as soon as you wear your new golden Converse All Star.

When it comes to looks and combinations, these sneakers are, despite being bold and different, super versatile and you can use them with almost any piece you want. I would use them as a note of shine and glamour, in a more discreet look, with a black dress or jeans or denim shorts, black or white.

Silver Converse

For those who prefer silver to gold, nothing has been left to chance. Converse also brings an All Star Silver model, available in our online store, which brings a little shine to your feet and also the classic All Star boot design.

These boots, unlike the gold ones, can transport us directly to a dimension of science fiction and futurism, for those who appreciate science and special effects. The sophistication of silver will invade your day-to-day and your look, as soon as you put on your new boots!

all star prateados


As you can see in the photo and video below, the silver tone, slightly mirrored and dull, at the same time, results in a unique, different and elegant model, which will certainly be a plus in any look you choose.

Not sure how to combine these sneakers with your everyday outfits? Once again, I would choose to make these Converse the shine and glamour of a more discreet and casual look, such as a black dress, black or denim shorts or even shorter black or denim pants, to take advantage of the the entirety of the silver boot.

In this model, the sole, the toe cap and the laces kept the classic color and formats, to preserve the All Star Boot identity, but the silver canvas brings the differentiating and originality that Converse does not neglect over time and, despite the brand being fully established in the footwear and sneakers market.

These boots will rock and transmit shine, joy, glamour and some irreverence to whoever looks at your feet. But don’t worry, this look will be motivated by the desire to have ones like it!!

Where can I buy Converse online?

After reading this article, I imagine that you had a dilemma/problem: which of the two models to choose? If you want my honest opinion, I would choose both, as they are endowed with enormous versatility and adaptable to different situations and outfits.

However, if your idea is to acquire just one of them, you will have to decide if you prefer to give your look a golden or silver touch. I know I wasn’t a big help in the choice, but I can’t decide either!!

Have you chosen? So, am I going to tell you where to buy them online? If you’ve already decided and want some Converse, just click on neste link. If you’re still undecided about the brand, just visit the EscapeShoes store, which is just a click away.

Choose the brand, model and size that best fits your foot and don’t take too long to put them on, it will rock! Everyone will want sneakers like yours! Don’t be late and go to our online store now to place your order. We promise to be brief in delivery so you can debut your new pair as soon as possible and get back to feeling the energy and glamour of gold and silver!


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