Spring Summer 2020 Trends

tendencias primavera verao 2020

Another year begins and, with it, new resolutions, new projects and, of course, new trends arrive! And, as you surely know, here at EscapeShoes we never “leave you barefoot” – we like to take care of you and be the first to bring you fresh news about next season’s trends! So, as we did with the Autmn-Winter trends of 2019, we unveil exclusively for you what the spring-summer 2020 season has in store for you. Come and take a look!

Spring Summer 2020 colors and trends

We don’t want anything to be missing, so we’ve compiled the colors that will make you triumph this year! From pastel tones to the strongest, you will certainly have many options that will make you a true inspiration:

cores primavera verao 2020

What about looks? We went to investigate to keep you abreast of the latest fashion screams and we invite you to come and see what we have discovered!

If you aren´t particularly fond of large bags and hate to carry a load, then you will love the return of a fantastic and extremely practical accessory: the waist packs! Smooth or with textures, you can combine them in 5 minutes with your #outfitoftheday!

pochetes cintura senhora

Animal pattern prints, as you can see above, will also again be a big trend in hot weather. But that’s not all! The classic vichy print will be back! In fact, did your charm ever be gone away?Tops, dresses, skirts … Just choose!

estampados vichy

But at EscapeShoes we like to dedicate ourselves more to the comfort and style of your shoes.We are still cooking all the surprises we have prepared, so we cannot unveil them. We can, however, lift the veil a little bit just for you! We know that you are eager to know our summer suggestions, so, without further delay, come on!

Spring Summer Sneakers 2020

Sneakers are the eternal friends of your feet. For you looking for stability and comfort, don’t go further! We have prepared the next sections with you in mind! Take a look:

– Platform sneakers

The platforms will be back with more force than ever and brands like Merrell and Converse will remain faithful to the designs and lines that they love so much, without, however, losing the opportunity to elevate them to the heights with the new features of summer fashion. You will never have to choose between the comfort of your feet and gain a few centimeters.Fabulous, isn’t it?

merrell e converse

But there is more! Timberland also wants to participate in this party of color and brightness, showing its versatility in models such as the irreverent and distinguished Delphiville. If you love this brand, you’ll be delighted with the news that awaits you!

timberland chunky shoes

And you already know that your well-known Fila would never be left behind.Chunky sneakers, his trademark, are quite popular among influential stars, such as South Korean K-pop singers. These celebrities inspire crowds without ever giving up their comfort. Be a trendsetting star too! From Disruptor, to Scelta, through Ray, choose your line and break hearts!

kpop chunky snickers

– Silver and gold sneakers

Among the trendy colors of Spring Summer 2020 shoes, your favorites could never be missing! Of course: gold and silver! These lush shades are part of the tennis trends that you will surely find here at EscapeShoes!

golden silver chunky shoes

Spring Summer 2020 Sandals

If you are anxious just to think that you will soon be able to feel the summer breeze while parading through the streets like a real model, then you will love this section of our publication! Your favorite shoes will return more impressive and diverse than ever!

– Wide buckle sandals

Do you consider yourself a practical person, but that doesn’t compromise your style? So, we suspect that you will love the suggestions that Xti and Birkenstock will have to present you! The wide buckles are your faithful friends at any time and this year they will be back to make your ensembles radiant! Get inspired!

fivela larga

– Rope sandals

Yes! The strings will continue to play this summer and we have many models prepared just for your eyes! Ria Menorca has already surprised it with something like this in the past, which leads us to think about what the future holds.Can you catch a glimpse?

We want you to start having your head in the clouds now! So, take a look at the images below … Are they more like you? So, create even greater expectations for the next season! Here at EscapeShoes we love winding up your looks!

corda salto

– Platform sandals

But if you’re thinking about platforms, don’t worry! This trend will not be limited to sneakers! Oh no! Alma en Pena, Xti and many other brands will leave you absolutely surrendered. It will be impossible to resist its charms! See the suggestive images we left below and start thinking about what 2020 has in store for you!

sandalias plataforma

– Golden and silver sandals

Surely you already realized that gold, silver and sparkles will be in fashion also in the world of sandals! Let yourself be carried away by the models we have been thinking about for the next season and we promise: you will not regret it. We will have everything for all tastes! one-two-three!

Spring Summer 2020 Ballerinas

We couldn´t fail to mention the summer must for those of us who love to show off their more feminine side without compromising the comfort and practicality required by day-to-day life.Yes, of course we are talking about the timeless baillerinas! Know the trends of this footwear!

– Ballerinas with flowers and bows

Without running away from its sweet authenticity, the incredible Melissa will present us with her traditional ties and flowers in shoes with soft colors, as dictated by the latest trends, which will make her conquer her dreams with kindness and class.

sabrinas lacos flores

– Golden and silver ballerinas

And, of course, fashion tones couldn´t be missing! We remind you that these are only projections, but we will receive amazing news so that, with us, you have the world at your feet!

sabrinas douradas prateadas

Spring Summer 2020 Boots

Are you looking for a shoe that exudes assertiveness and rebellion, excellent for you, who likes to create your own trends? Don’t go any further! Brands like Cubanas will offer you radical alternatives: summer ankle boots! Combine them with white denim, a vichy print blouse and a bag of handmade materials (raffia or rope), in the style of the new year, and you will see heads turn! Nobody will be indifferent. Our models will be slightly different from the ones you see below, but let your imagination fly towards the surprises we have for you!

botins verao

Spring Summer 2020 Espadrilles

Did you think that we would forget about a fantastic classic and perfect for a warm and pleasant sunny walk with your family? Never! espadrilles are a shoe that will never disappoint, a stylish and colorful option for all those who prefer the comfort of their feet! From the simplest to the most sophisticated notes, Paez and Cubanas will bring us these summer essentials and we want to be the first to let you know all the news! Can you wait a little longer?


– Golden and silver espadrilles

As you have seen before, the sparkles and golden and silvery colors will chase you this spring-summer 2020, as well as some of those shades that we have already shown you above. Do you were curious? So, don’t forget to go through our blog and our online store to keep up with everything we still have to show you! Do you want to walk in style while responding to the demands of everyday life? Don’t miss the opportunities that we will soon have for you!

alpergatas douradas prateadas

Where to buy my shoes

Here you will be able to discover many other brands that will leave you absolutely surrendered to the spring and summer of this new year! See ultra-comfortable sneakers, breathtakingly modern sandals, casual-chic ballet flats, irreverent summer ankle boots and fine espadrilles well suited to summer! You can purchase all of our future models to use depending on the occasion!

To acquire the precious pieces that we still have to show you, just do what you already know how to do like no one else. Well, visit EscapeShoes regularly and take a look at what we are revealing!

The summer is yours! Master it!

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