Wearing sneakers with suits

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In today’s post we will give you a few tips on how to wear sneakers with suits, come along!

The need to feel comfortable, all the while keeping in with the latest fashion trends is getting bigger. In spite of that we can’t always wear what we want, for instance on our workplace. In an office environment we are, most of the time, restrained to a stricter look like pant suits and a blazer for instance.

In spite of that, people are starting to wear suits out of their workplace as well. Nowadays, due to their elegance, they have become a must have outfit. Although, when it comes to shoes, that’s a whole different story. The type of shoes people wear with suits are often uncomfortable and it can become quite painful to wear them all day long. Especially if you like to wear suits out of your workplace as well. That is why the tendency to wear sneakers with suits is growing more and more.

How to wear sneakers with suits?

As you can see bellow, even celebrities like Usher, Orlando Bloom or Ansel Elgort have broken the red carpet strictness by trading in their formal shoes for plain sneakers that go along very well with elegant suits.

male celerities wearing sneakers with suits

But it is not only men that do this! Yes, the pant and blazer suits are generally masculine. But, in a world constantly fighting for equality rights, this kind of outfit starts to be seen among the feminine crowd. Just check these celebrities’ examples like Kristen Stewart, Zendaya or Ellen DeGeneres.

female celebrities wearing suits with sneakers

It is because of all of this that today we are going to show you how you can match sneakers with suits, you may just get a few ideas not just for after work, but for other situations as well, like a wedding or a special occasion. Come with us!

Sneakers to wear with suits – masculine

In a general way, men prefer more discrete options; they don’t like to stand out and just want to feel practical and comfortable. And, in what comes to wearing sneakers with suits, the options are discrete as well. For example the classical black Converse All Star looks great with a black suit and a white shirt. Or, if you rather wear a lighter suit, like grey or light blue, the grey Converse All Star are a great option.

all star suit

Although, if you are more of a classical kind of men, you can go for the Pepe Jeans Marton Basic sneakers that are available in navy blue and brown. These is a synthetic leather model and almost look like shoes, maybe you could even wear them at work without anyone noticing that they are sneakers.

pepe jeans marton basic

Sneakers to wear with suits – feminine

Since men are no longer the only ones to wear a pant and blazer suit, we obviously have some original and comfortable ideas for ladies to try on. Feminine suits have most of the times, a looser pant model or are chin length instead of being long. And the colour options break their strictness, for instance for this season one of the tendencies are satin suits with flower patterns or yellow mustard suits, as you can see below.

sneakers for suits

There is no doubt that yellow mustard is a very beautiful colour for a suit and if you wear it with some white sneakers, it will look even better. But you can choose some white Gant Aurora Bright sneakers with a red and beige strip, if the suit has a more discrete colour. Or, if you prefer something simpler, the sneakers Gant Aurora Low Bright may be just your thing.

In terms of sneaker colours, white is still one of the favourites, but has you have seen, there are always small details that break their simplicity and add value to the suit you’re wearing. Like Pepe Jeans Adams Cherry with small flowers made of beads and sequins. Or, if you like to be on top of everything, how about some white Converse All Star Lift Clean platform sneakers? You will surely enjoy the match.

sapatilhas para fatos femininos

Casual Friday is a concept applied on a lot of workplaces, this means that there is a day every week, usually on Friday, that you can wear more laidback clothes to work, like some jeans and then you can finally let go of the shoes and wear some sneakers. But with all of the ideas we gave you, how about wearing sneakers with your suit? That’s a great idea!

For that you just have to go to EscapeShoes and buy the sneakers more fitting to your style and wear them with your suits. In this way, you will not only stay elegant, but comfortable and trendy at the same time. Try it, you will surely love it!


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