Winter Boots Trends 2021/2022

Botas Inverno

Winter has arrived and the cold is already getting worse, but what will give you goosebumps is the desire to wear the footwear that we are going to suggest.The trends in Boots for Winter 2021/2022 are irresistible and promise to keep you trendy and comfy.This season´s boots arrived full of style, vivacity and are easily combined with the most varied winter looks. Take a look here:

Boots are a footwear that has been with you forever! Brands have been innovating day by day and, therefore, are no longer just presenting boots as a must-have for Autumn/Winter.They are also sought after and used in festivals, concerts, parties, as they always give a more daring and special touch to clothing sets. Whatever the purpose you want to give them, find out about your next boots below.

Boots for Winter 2021/2022 – Woman 

High Top Boots


Botas 2021

High boots are always among the top choices to pair with shorter pieces, even in winter. A high top is always elegant with a skirt or shorts, but it can also be used with tight leggings that can be tucked into boots.

In the image above, we have several suggestions from the new collection, which you can take into account when choosing your next pair of boots to rock this winter.

We suggest that you consider, in order of the image (left to right), the Ruika Camel leather, with a thicker sole and platform, mixing a more elegant style with the more military, the Xuz High boots and Lace, with a more rustic and handcrafted, very beautiful and with a more delicate and elegant appearance, the Corina Black, with a 100% military style, with a thick sole and laces with adjustment at the front, but with a higher upper than the classic military ankle boots, the POPA Paula Grey, with more military lines but also more feminine, delicate and elegant, the Fly London Riga Rio Black, with lines of a more military style combined with other more moccasins and with a touch of difference in the upper fit of the boot, or the Alma en Pena Crosta Vision, with a very high pipe and in beige tone, super versatile and with very elegant lines.

All the models suggested are versatile and match several sets you have in your wardrobe. From black to brown, gray or beige are colors that are in fashion and will not let you down! Neutral colors match the most varied pieces!

Fur boots

Botas UGG 2021

UGG Australia models are more fashionable every year! Always innovative and with appliqués or standardized models, the ones in this collection exceed any expectations! They are fantastic for facing the cold days, making them an excellent bet for winter. You will love them, they are super warm and elegant!

In the image above, you can choose, from left to right, between the  UGG Australia Classic Ultra Mini Shine Beachwood, which are similar to the more classic model but with a low top and a golden back, which gives them more elegance and makes the difference, the  UGG Australia Classic Rising Heel Zip Chestnut, which are the UGG Australia model with more different and irreverent lines, with a higher platform-like sole, and straighter lines and the UGG Australia Classic Mini Side Logo Chestnut, the most classic model, only with a brand identifying strip on the side.

All models have well-being, protection and a feeling of comfort in common!

Military style boots

Botas Militares 2021


Military style boots are super in and are a trend that is here to stay! Let yourself be enchanted and fall in love with these models that will give you a fight when it comes to fashion.Super irreverent and that look good with any piece and in various styles of clothing!

In the image, you can see several models, from left to right: the Corina Black, with classic lines and which perfectly represent the concept of military-style boots, the POPA Nelly Black, which brings to military boots, above all, the high-top elegance, the Ruika Leather Corrente, which are the most elegant and glamorous, despite the rigid and thick lines of the military style, with golden appliqués, the Ruika White Leather, classic military boots, but in white, which is a super trend in this season’s ankle boots, the UGG Australia Sidnee Black Leather, an experience gained from UGG Australia Sidnee Black Leather, which took a risk in the military style and achieved a very elegant and faithful result to the style and the Ruika Pele Kaki, also with a very classic style, but in a between brown and dry green, a very beautiful tone and different from the usual.


Botas Galochas 2021

The wellies are super practical for rainy days, as they keep your feet dry and warm. And, if there were preconceptions about the wellies, nowadays they are, in fact, a fashion piece and very elegant.

I invite you to take a look at some of the examples that we have available on our website: the Lemon Jelly Morgan Black, which brings the military style to the wellies, with some super irreverent, different and very cute boots, the Lemon Jelly Josephine Sand, with a the most classic of the already famous Lemon Jelly, in a beige tone, which is super trendy this year and the UGG Australia Classic Clear Mini Natural Black, which bring a new concept to UGG Australia, transparent wellies, with the UGG Australia identity inside – the fur.


When in doubt, opt for one of these winter 2021 boot trends and you won’t regret it! The best part? You don’t need to leave the house. Find all these models here at EscapeShoes. Make yourself comfortable on your sofa and discover these and other winter news. Take a chance and make your winter warm, before they run out!



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