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Are you one of those that have their shoes always impeccable, or, on the contrary, can’t find the time to take care of them? Like clothes and other accessories, our shoes need a special care, especially the ones that we use daily, if we want them to last a long time. Today, on the EscapeShoes blog, we tell you how you can take care of your shoes easily and at a low-cost.

Cleaning shoes is something very important, and yes it can be hard and take a bit of time. But you need to make some effort, make time and, of course, be aware that there are some shoes that take extra special care. In today’s post we will give you some tips on how to clean your shoes properly and without that much of an effort.

Cleaning your shoes properly

First and foremost, you need to take on account which material your shoes are made of, if they are synthetic, leather, suede, textile or any other. It is very important that you check the tag for any possible cleaning instructions, especially when it comes to more delicate shoes, such as textile or suede. Always follow the instructions so as to not damage your shoes; and now you can follow some of the tricks we will show you today!

How to clean sneakers

In a general mode, sneakers are what we usually wear the most and, therefore they tend to get dirtier, especially if you wear them for sports. That is why it is really important that you clean them more frequently. We will show you two ways on how to keep your shoes cute and perfect, read bellow.

– Cleaning canvas sneakers

cleaning canvas sneakers

First of all, the shoelaces and the insole must be removed and soaked in cold water with neutral soap. The sneakers surface and tongue must be brushed with a dry bristle brush to remove dust and dirt that may have settled into the canvas. Then, moisten the brush in water and soap and brush them more energetically. You don’t need to get the canvas wet; you just need to moisten it! To remove the excess water, pass a dry cloth and leave the sneakers on a well aired space for at least twelve hours for them to dry completely and not retain any bad odour.

– Washing your sneakers on the washing machine

Yes, even though it may be the easier process, it is the least advised by the shoe manufacturers because it can damage the materials. Still, if you wish to go for this option you might want to consider taking them to a laundry cleaner for them to be taken care of by professionals. But if you are still running short of time, you can follow these tips so that everything works out right.

washing your sneakers

First of all, before you place the sneakers in the washing machine, you must remove the excess dirt and dust with a bristle bush. Take off the shoelaces so they don’t get stuck in the washing machine drum; place them, as well as the sneakers on a separate net wash bag. Wash the sneakers with carpets or textiles that don’t get easily damaged. And don’t wash at a temperature higher than 30oC so they don’t shrink or get damaged. Let them dry on an airy place far from sunlight for at least 24 hours. You can also fill their interior with newspaper while they dry to help them keep their shape.

Alert – some brands cancel their guarantee if this technique is used.

Cleaning suede or nubuck shoes

cleaning suede shoes

Suede and nubuck shoes are the most delicate due to their velvety texture, and any slip while cleaning them may be the death of your shoes. That is why you can never be too careful!

Using a waterproofing product in these types of shoes can be a rescue board, so it is very advisable for you to use it. But, in case you haven’t done that, you must remove the stains as soon as you can so they don’t stick to the shoes.

It is advisable for you to wear a hard bristle brush to brush your shoes softly against the suede to take off the excess dirt. Then, with a soft brush, brush it back to their original way. It is very important to never use water to clean these kinds of shoes, and clean them all at once, because if you clean just a spot you may risk on changing that area colour or texture, making them different from the rest of the shoe.

Cleaning leather shoes

When it comes to leather shoes, cleaning them is easy. You just need to pass a moist cloth through their surface and that’s it! And if there are any small spots or wrinkles you would like to remove, just put some leather shoe wax.

cleaning leather shoes

How to clean jute wedge sandals

When summer comes, all of us women love to wear sandals and jute wedge sandals are some of the most used ones that is why they get dirty more often. How can we clean them without causing any damage? In this case, use the least possible water, clean them with a moist cloth and neutral soap; rub them slowly and softly so you don’t take any risks. And, if necessary, dry them with the blow drier at a medium temperature and keeping the blow drier always moving so it doesn’t overheat the sandals.

cleaninf jte wedge sandals

Shoe maintenance

There are certain things you can do for your shoes to keep their quality and last longer, and they are as simple as using a waterproofing product before you wear them for the first time, but when you already wear them on a regular basis, you can take some practical and simple steps, just read on!

If you have a tendency to take your shoes off when you get home and put them away on a shoe cabinet, then stop! Refrain from keeping your shoes closed, and let them air naturally. And if you want, you can put some newspaper or absorbent paper inside of them to absorb the humidity that comes from perspiration to help prevent odour and the proliferation of bacteria. Try to clean them regularly with a bristle brush or a cloth to prevent them from accumulating dirt and, preferably, clean them at least once a month.

There is no doubt that the best way for you to take care of your shoes is to avoid exposing them to high temperatures and humidity, unless they are water resistant, and keeping them on a dry and clean place.


It is important when you are cleaning your shoes that you use specific cleaning products so that they last longer and you don’t take any risk. At EscapeShoes online store you can find the best cleaning products to protect your shoes. And if you want to make them last even longer, check wikiHow website where there are a lot of tricks. Now there are no excuses for you not to keep your shoes always impeccable, follow our tips and if you know of any other, please share them with us!


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