How to stretch shoes

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Learn how to stretch your shoes!

There’s nothing worse than buying new shoes that hurt your feet or feel tight. It´s only when we walk with them for the first few times that we realize that they become uncomfortable for being too tight.

The process becomes even more difficult if we buy shoes online.That’s why we’re going to teach you how to stretch shoes and reveal some homemade tricks to do it without taking any risks.

Before starting, it´s important that, when purchasing, choose your usual size. Then try it on and make sure the size is correct.

It´s recommended that you buy shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are already a little swollen from daily activity. In case the purchase is made online, check if there is this type of reference in the description of the shoes and, if not, ask, without hesitation!

When you receive your shoes, if you notice that the size is too small, do not try to enlarge them right away, it is best to exchange them. Even because at EscapeShoes the change is free!

There are some shoes that, due to their material, can be more easily extended at home.This´s the case with leather shoes and sneakers. Learn about some tricks you can adopt or turn to professionals if you’re still afraid of ruining your favorite pair.

Stretching footwear at the shoemaker 

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The first advice is to go to a cobbler.They, better than anyone, know how to stretch shoes without damaging the models. If you don’t have a cobbler near you, or you think you can do it yourself, we have other solutions to do it at home. Check out:

How to stretch leather shoes

When it comes to leather shoes, it´s preferable to turn to someone specialized. As these shoes are more expensive, attention should be redoubled so as not to destroy their quality. However, there are homemade tricks that you can use without damaging your favorite shoes, such as using a wooden or plastic shoe strecher, shaped like the toe of a shoe, accompanied by a small stick with finished rounded.

There are shapes that adjust to the size you want to get and others with a fixed size. Choose one that adapts to the shape of your shoe, so that it doesn´t deform. Place the form inside the shoe and leave it there for two days.

The biggest advantage of this trick is that if you don’t get the expected results the first time, you can repeat! It´s the slowest method, but also the one with the least risk for your shoes.

It´s not the most suitable for sandals, for example, but in shoes, sneakers or boots it works very well. Try leaving the reamer inside the shoe overnight!

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Stretching footwear with alcohol, water and newspaper 

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Alcohol, water and newspaper? Yes, that’s the recipe! For this trick, you’ll need half a glass of water, several sheets of newsprint and rubbing alcohol. Simple, isn’t it? Place the alcohol and water in a spray bottle. In this way, it will be easier to control the amount sprayed.

It is advisable to use this technique on leather or synthetic shoes. If the shoes are of a light tone, use another type of paper as the newspaper can stain.

Spray the liquid all over the inside of the shoe until it is damp. Then, make balls with the sheets of newspaper and use them to stuff the shoes. Once filled with paper, let it sit overnight to make sure it works and has had time to set.

The next morning, remove the paper and put on your shoes.Try to walk a little with them, indoors, so that they adapt to your foot and don’t run the risk of hurting you.

Stretching footwear with a spoon 

Take a large spoon, either wooden or metal, and use it to enlarge some areas of the shoe that are tighter. The heels, which normally rub against the shoe, react well to stretching with the spoon.

Stretching footwear with hydration 

Another method you can use to stretch your leather shoes is to use moisturizer, fabric softener or hair conditioner. Apply your chosen moisturizer to the inside of the shoe and fill it with newspaper or put it on immediately.

The cream will soften the skin and allow it to stretch more easily.

It´s essential that you test this method first, in a non-visible place on the shoe, to rule out the possibility of the shoe being stained.

Stretching shoes with soap 

This trick works great with thin-toed shoes, as soaps have this more elongated shape. Thus, you must force the soap in until it fits into the toecap and, thus, continue to extend it, at least for 8 hours.

How to stretching sneakers

As a rule, sneakers are more malleable than leather shoes and therefore easier to stretch.

If they aren´t too tight, you can simply put on some really thick socks and walk around the house with your sneakers until you feel comfortable and pain free for a few hours.

If that’s not enough, you can use the following tricks to widen your sneakers:

Freeze the sneakers

Yes, it sounds strange to freeze your sneakers, but it’s actually a way to stretch them without damaging them. For this process, you just need to have freezer bags, water and a free corner in your freezer.

Fill the freezer bags halfway with water and place them inside your sneakers. Be careful not to force them and let them relax as the water will expand as it solidifies.

Place the sneakers in the freezer for a few hours until the water has completely solidified, and when you take them out, wait for the water to thaw a little before removing the bag.

If they are still not perfect, you can repeat the process again without any problem!

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Stretching footwear with the hairdryer 

Imagine you’re in a hurry and you really need that new pair of sneakers, but they’re tight.The question on your mind, let me guess, is: “How can I widen my shoes quickly?”

The answer is probably how far away your bathroom is: look for your hairdryer! It sounds as weird as stretching them in the freezer, but it´s a very simple and quick process.Do it in 5 steps:

  1. Put on very thick cotton socks
  2. Put on the sneakers
  3. Turn on the dryer at medium temperature
  4. Warm up each foot for about thirty seconds, always keeping the dryer moving.
  5. Only take off your shoes when they are cold 

Extra tip: Keep wiggling your toes to help speed up the process. Be careful with the heat so you don’t run the risk of burning yourself, your sneakers or softening the glue.

These methods can help you feel more comfortable, but we strongly advise you to only use them after using the shoe a few times because, as a general rule, after a few days of use it naturally adapts to your foot.

Have you tried any of these methods or know another one? If so, share it with us by leaving a comment here, on the EscapeShoes blog!



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