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Are you one of those that have their shoes always impeccable, or, on the contrary, can’t find the time to take care of them? Like clothes and other accessories, our shoes need a special care, especially the ones that we use daily, if we want them to last a long time. Today, on the EscapeShoes blog, we tell you how you can take care of your shoes easily and at a low-cost.

If you like to have your shoes always top-notch, read today’s post! We’ll tell you some tricks you can do to keep your shoes always well-taken care of. We know that sometimes it’s tough to find time for cleaning shoes. There are many shoes that require a more specific care and even the use of certain care products, depending of their materials. However, you’ll be surprised by how simple it’s to take care of your shoes at home! Keep reading this EscapeShoes blog post!

The first thing you need to check, before cleaning the shoes, is the material they’re made of. See if on their label there’s possible cleaning instructions, it’s important for the most delicate shoes. Do not clean a pair of shoes without knowing the suitable method, because you might ruin them. Let’s see how to clean different types of shoes.

Cleaning canvas sneakers

Cleaning Shoes (Canvas)

Canvas and synthetic shoes are the easiest to clean, since they don’t require special products. Since sneakers are used daily and for many physical activities, dirt may accumulate bit by bit. Therefore, it’s important to wash them from time to time. To do so, we recommend cleaning each part separately. I.e. we remove the insole and the laces, which we’ll later clean individually.

To clean canvas, it’s best to use cold water and a neutral soap. You can soak the insole and the laces with a little bit of soap, while with a dry brush you brush the surface of the sneaker. First, you do it softly to remove the dust or dirt that may be accumulated in the fabric. Don’t forget to brush the tongue. Once this is done, clean the sneaker by dampening the brush in the water and soap mix and brush them with more energy. There’s no need to completely soak the fabric, just make it damp.

You can remove the rest of the water with a dry cloth. Once cleaned, it’s important to leave them to dry in a place with good ventilation, and never put them away while they’re still damp, since they can later start to smell.

Cleaning suede or nubuck shoes

Cleaning Shoes (Suede)

These materials, in addition of elegant and soft, are very tricky to clean. Due to their velvety texture, bad cleaning may result in ruining their finish. There are specific products that allow to protect these materials from stains and splashes. They’re the so-called balm proofers, which we at EscapeShoes recommend using. However, in case you don’t have them, it’s best to eliminate the stains as soon as possible. That way they won’t get ingrained into the leather.

The cleaning of this type of shoes is done dry, without water. With a hard bristles brush, brush the shoe against the grain, softly, always in the same direction, to eliminate the accumulated dirt. After that, with a soft brush, you comb the suede to leave it in its original position.

One of the inconveniences of these materials is that, if you only clean one area, there will be a difference in colour or even in texture compared with the rest. Therefore, when you clean your suede or nubuck shoes, always clean them evenly.

Cleaning leather shoes

Finally, the leather shoes, which have a smooth finish, are the simplest to clean. You just need to use a wet cloth over the surface! You can also remoe creases and even small stains by applying shoe polish or specific wax for this type of shoes.

Cleaning Shoes (Leather)

As you may have already noticed, we never at any moment suggested washing the shoes in a washing machine. Even though some of our customers use this method with good results, the brands don’t recommend it because it may seriously damage the materials. Without a doubt, the best way to take care of your footwear is by preventing exposing them to conditions of a lot of heat or a lot of moisture (except those that are water-resistant); always keep them dry and, whenever possible, clean.

We also recommend that for those special shoes, which you love so much and want them to last forever, you use the specific care products for each material and don’t take any chances. At the EscapeShoes online store, you can find the best quality care products made to protect your shoes. For example, UGG Australia has its very own kit so that you can take care of your boots whenever you want!

And if you want your shoes to last a long time, we recommend that you follow the tips on the wikiHow’s page. Now you don’t have any excuses not to have your shoes always well-taken care of!

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