How to clean UGG Australia boots

How to clean UGG Australia boots

So that they last many years!

UGG Australia boots are really popular and it’s easy to understand why, since these sheepskin boots keep your feet warm and toasty during the coldest months. However, like what happens to all shoes, these boots suffer the normal wear and may get dirty or stained. Despite being very comfortable boots that only bring advantages to those who wear them, they also need some maintenance and care. But you don’t know how to care and clean your UGG Australia? Don’t worry, that’s why on today’s EscapeShoes post we’ll share with you how to clean your favourite boots and we’ll also talk a little bit about the brand’s care products. Shall we?

We know that for many UGG Australia boots can be considered an investment and if you try to clean your boots without the right products, you may damage them. Try, if possible, to use the brand’s recommend products, and this applies to all brands not just UGG Australia. The truth’s that no one knows the shoe better than the one who makes it, so if the brand has its own products for care and cleaning it’s for a very good reason, right?

We recommend that you never put your UGG Australia in the washing machine or dry clean them. You risk of damaging them permanently.

If you want the full kit for any unforeseen thing that may happen with your UGG Australia, we’d recommend the Care Kit. It’s ideal for newcomers into the UGG world and has everything that you need to keep your boots pristine for years and years. This kit has 5 items, which are:

Protector: protection against rain, snow, dirt and stains. You just need to spray it at a certain distance in a well-ventilated area. We recommend that you use it before you wear the boots for the first time.

Conditioner: removes stains and refreshes sheepskin, suede and leather. This is the one that perhaps you need to be most careful with as you first need to moisten your UGG with a sponge before you apply it.

Show renew: as it name may indicate, it cleans and deodorizes insoles.

Brush: removes excess dirt and makes the suede softer.

Eraser: erases spots and marks while lifting away the dirt.

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If you’re already very familiar with your UGG Australia boots and just want a cleaning product, we recommend the Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner. It’s ideal to remove all kinds of stains that may appear while wearing the boots. It’s made from coconut and jojoba oils, thus making it very soft yet effective.

You just need to moisten the boot’s surface with cold water and with a sponge to prevent them from getting soaked. Then, just apply a little bit of the product on the sponge and brush it softly over the entire boot. Never apply it directly to the skin.

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Now you’re all ready to clean and care for your UGG Australia boots! The items mentioned above are available at the EscapeShoes online store, as well as a great variety of boots, each one lovelier than the other! Come pay us a visit, we’re waiting for you!

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