How to stretch shoes

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Learn how to stretch your shoes!

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes that at first sight seemed perfect for your feet? But still, when you put them on for the first time you notice that it is a bit tight and uncomfortable. That is why today, here at the EscapeShoes blog we are going to reveal some home tricks for you to stretch your shoes without taking any risks. Keep on reading!

Before you start, it is important that you pick your usual size when you are buying your shoes, try them on and check if it is the right size. Did you know that it is advisable for you to always buy shoes in the afternoon when your feet have become a bit swollen due to your daily activity? This gets complicated when you are buying online. That is why it is important that if you notice them being small when you get them, that you don’t’ try to stretch them, the best way is to exchange them.

Yet, there are also some kind of shoes that you can stretch at home, for example leather shoes and sneakers. And on today’s post we will tell you some tricks!

Stretch your shoes on a cobbler


First and foremost, the safest thing to do is go to a cobbler. They, more than anyone else, know the best way to stretch your shoes. If there isn’t a cobbler near you, don’t worry, your shoes have a solution! There are other ways to stretch them!

How to stretch leather shoes

When it comes to leather shoes, it is best to really take them to a specialist. As these are more expensive shoes we always fear to damage them. But there are some home tricks you can go to that won’t damage them, see how to stretch your leather shoes bellow.

Shoe stretcher

shoe stretcher

To stretch leather or suede shoes try to find some wooden or plastic molds. These shoe stretchers are shaped like the front of the shoes and have a small round ended stick. There are molds that fit to the size you want and some that have a fixed size. Pick one that adapts to your shoe size so that it doesn’t deform your shoe.

Place the mold inside your shoe and leave it there for two days. The nice thing about this trick is that you can try again if it didn’t work out on the first time. It is the slowest method but the one with less risk for your shoes.

Stretch your shoes with alcohol, water and newspaper


Yes, that’s right! For this trick you will need half a glass of water, several newspaper pages and alcohol. Place the alcohol and the water inside a spray bottle. In this way it will be easier to control how much you will spray on to the shoes.

It is advisable that you use this technique on leather or synthetic shoes. Use another type of paper in case the shoes have a light colour, because the newspaper might smudge them.

Spray on the whole interior of the shoe so it becomes moist. Then make balls out of the newspaper and use them to fill your shoes. Once filled, let them rest for the night just to make sure it works and that it had time to settle.

In the next morning take the paper off and put on the shoes. Try to walk a little with them inside the house so that they adapt to your feet and minimize the risk of getting hurt.

We have given you some tricks on how to stretch your leather shoes but there are those of us who prefer to wear sneakers. We will tell you know how to stretch your new sneakers.

How to stretch sneakers

Normally, sneakers are more malleable than leather shoes and therefore easier to wear and stretch.  If they are not too tight you can simply wear some really thick socks and walk around the house with the sneakers until you feel comfortable and without any pain for a few hours. If this isn’t enough then we will tell you how to stretch your sneakers in other ways.

Freeze your sneakers

how to stretch your sneakers

Yes, it sounds a bit odd to freeze your sneakers, but we will tell you how to stretch them in this way. For this process, the only things you need are freezing bags, water and a free spot inside your freezer. Let’s do this!

Fill the freezing bags until half with water and place them inside your sneakers. But beware! Don’t force them; let them be at ease because the water will expand as it freezes. Place the sneakers on the freezes for a few hours until the water is fully frozen and when you take them out wait for it to unfreeze for just a bit before you remove the bags from them.

If they aren’t still perfect you can repeat the process without any problem!

Stretch your shoes with a blow dryer

stretching sneakers

Imagine you are in a hurry and you really need those brand new sneakers, then you ask yourself: “How can I quickly stretch my sneakers?”

Very easily, you don’t need to think much, the answer is probably staring at you on your bathroom: your blow dryer!

It looks just as strange as freezing them, but it is a quite simple and fast process that you can use with sneakers and other shoes. Check how to stretch your sneakers with the blow drier.

For that you just have to wear some really thick cotton socks, put on the sneakers and turn on the blow dryer on a medium temperature. Now warm up each foot for about thirty seconds keeping the dryer always moving so there is less risk of causing you a burner or softening the glue. And it will help if you keep on moving your toes as well. But don’t take them off while they are not cold.

These methods can help you feel more comfortable on your shoes. Yet, we still recommend to do them only after you have worn the shoes because sometimes all you need are a few couple of days of use for them to adapt to your feet and in this way you won’t need to anything unnecessary. If you decided to try any of these solutions, be patient, it is better for the shoes to stretch bit by bit then all at once and get deformed.

Now I’m asking you… do you have any method for stretching your shoes? If you do, share it with us leaving a comment here at the EscapeShoes blog!

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