Tying Shoelaces

Let’s complicate things a bit!

Did you know that there’s more than one way of tying shoelaces? As you search the World Wide Web, you’ll be able to find several videos and tutorials of different ways to tie your shoes. Some simple, others more creative and those incredibly complex, there’s certainly a bit of everything! Even we here on the EscapeShoes blog already made a previous post with a few tricks taken from the BuzzFeed’s page. However, this time we decided to bring even more! That’s why you should go grab your favourite pair of sneakers and get ready! Will you be able to execute all these different ways of tying laces?

Simple ways of tying shoelaces

Tying Shoelaces

We don’t even know if we should classify these ways as simple or as not too difficult! Some even seem as relatively easy, but others are surely not as easy as they seem to appear! However, we can’t deny that they create a lovely effect, right? Is there a way you’d like to try on your sneakers?

Ways that are creative and at the same time complex


Have you already seen this video? Originally shared on Weibo and then seen millions of times on Twitter, the video went viral! And it’s easy to see why! You’ll be able to see truly mind-blowing ways of tying laces. Personally, I’d like to try one of these tricks some day. Even though it’ll probably not look as good as on the video! I bet you’re also eager to try them yourself, am I right?

Now that we gave you a few new ideas on how to tie your shoelaces, it’s your turn to try them and to tell us which one is your favourite and if you knew any! However, you already know that there’s nothing better than a new pair of trainers to try these techniques on, isn’t that right? So, come to the EscapeShoes online store and pick yours! We’re waiting for you!

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