Melissa – Four things you will love!

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We have all heard of Melissa, either on social networks, TV or simply from a friend that just can’t stop talking about her new Melissa ballerinas.

That’s right, Melissa is a very reputable and famous brand known for its original, fun and practical creations. Almost every woman has a pair of Melissa ballerinas, sandals or even high heels. Or, at the very least dreams about having them. And they have such a pleasant smell that it is almost impossible to resist them.

In today’s post we will give four beautiful reasons to surrender yourself to Melissa’s universe. Come with us, you will not regret it!

The ballerinas

There is no denying that Melissa’s ballerinas are super famous and, regardless of their style, they are all gorgeous.

There are flat options, like these black Melissa Space Love Flower.


ballerinas melissa shoes


Or other options with a small interior heel, like these yellow Melissa Ultragirl Sweet XVII Besides the fact that they are super comfortable, they are as well one of this brand great bets for the new season. With their lovely roasted yellow colour and the transparent and rose sweet bow, who would not fall in love with them? They will certainly become your new passion!

melissa ultragirl


The small details

Every Melissa has a detail that enchants us, after all, the secret lies in the details. For this new collection, this brand delighted us one more time with these little things.

Melissa Ultragirl Bow Chrome have a small chain link chrome textured bow. Each has a different colour and charm, you can see below the lovely combinations. There are black ballerinas with an old rose bow, white with a golden bow, pink with a bronze bow and olive green with a dark green bow. They are beautiful and ultra modern!

melissa ballerinas


We’ve showed you the yellow ones before, but have you seen Melissa Ultragirl Sweet XVII in a black version? Besides the black bow, this ballerina has a dark bronze colour that reflects golden rose sparkles! They are incredible!

And what about Melissa Space Love Flower? Instead of the bow, these ballerinas have two romantic roses on the top. They are available in black with a slight shade of gold, in beige with coral pink flowers and totally in light pink. They are so lovely and romantic!

melissa flower 2019

The new Polibolha sneakers

melissa polibolha 2019


Although Melissa’s ballerinas are, undoubtedly, dreamy, not all women like to wear ballerinas. There are always those who prefer a more sporty and casual look. Thinking about practical women, Melissa released these Polibolha sneakers that are awesome and super original!

Check out these details: they have a bubble pattern embossed on them, just like bubble wrap plastic! And the shoebase is full of bursted bubbles, it looks just like we have been walking on that plastic and bursting all of it! They are so much fun!

This season’s grand surprise: bags

To run away from shoes, for this season, Melissa has put a bet on bags: the Essential Line. They are all very simple, made from Melflex, but very roomy so you can carry everything you need. And they are very adaptable to any occasion.

See these Melissa bags available online, for example: in caramel brown and beige, they are delicious, aren’t they?

bag melissa online 2019


And you have two more options, one totally in black and a perfect fit of red and pink!

malas melissa shoes


But, in reality, what are really hot right now are backpacks, simply because they are practical and more comfortable to carry. And, for that, Melissa released these two small and lovely backpacks: one in white, pink and caramel brown and another one in black and white.

They are small, practical, adorable and perfect to go out on a walk without carrying all the weight of a shoulder strap bag.

backpack melissa shoes 2019


Well, in the title I just mentioned four things you would love in the new collection but, actually, you have more than plenty of reasons to love not only this collection but all of Melissa’s creations. Each one of them is prettier and more captivating than the one before it!

Why don’t you take a walk to our online shoe shop where you can find these and many more?

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