The world of footwear

Footwear has been part of human life since the beginning of humanity. In prehistory, man already felt the need to protect his feet. Since there were no shoes yet, they had to improvise using what was closest to hand to protect the feet, like straw and wood.

calçado pre-historico

With the passing of time, in ancient Egypt, papyrus and palm fiber began to be used to protect the feet, and of course, the royalty personalized their shoes with colored jewels. In Ancient Greece and later in the Roman Empire, the shoes had different models and colors according to the socioeconomic status. Later, in the 16th century, heels emerged as a symbol of ostentation and wealth, and curiously, they were only used by men.

historia do calçado

With the industrial revolution, several shoe factories began to appear, which meant a decrease in the price of this garment, and thus they became a good accessible to the entire population. It was only in the 20th century that synthetic materials, such as rubber, began to be used, giving rise to the world of footwear as we know it today.

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In addition to the need to acquire resistant footwear that gives us all the necessary protection, we always start looking for comfort. From this need, sneakers were developed, originally exclusive to sports, and which are currently an indispensable garment in our lives.

Sapatilhas Converse e Fila Disruptor

In fact, the world of fashion has embraced sneakers and almost every day iconic models appear that are part of the collections of great stylists on international catwalks. More and more, brands and different models are looking for a different touch in their designs. However, there are many models that we cannot find in a traditional street shoe store.

With the growing technological boom, the internet has become a gateway for many things that we cannot easily acquire in a street store. In this way, online stores emerged. There is nothing better than choosing the model we want, the size, filling in a form and… click! It is done! We just have to wait for them to arrive!

Of course we do not have an assistant by our side to advise us and to bring us the different sizes, but currently, with the online customer support line you will not miss anything. Head over to our website! You can talk to us by chat, by email, by phone, and even on Facebook or Instagram. We always have a device to help you with any questions you have.

Impresión de calzado 3D

Impressao de sapatos 3D

With online shopping, other technological inventions, such as 3D printing, begin to emerge. Already several brands and designers have experimented with creating shoes through three-dimensional prints. However, despite being extremely innovative and practical, some doubts arise.

How are they made?

The initial models were made of thermoplastic polyurethane, the plastic we know from mobile layers, for example, or from the soles of sneakers. Therefore, they are flexible. With the evolution of the system, the possibility of printing on textiles arose, but that, only big brands manage to do it, and with high costs.

Will they be comfortable?

These shoes offer the same type of comfort as conventional footwear. However, taking into account that the shoe is all printed on a single material, unlike the variety of materials used in a conventional pair of shoes, will they really be comfortable? Can the materials cause damage to our feet? These are the unknowns that remain unanswered.

How much they cost?

Well, despite being apparently fast and practical, the production costs are quite high.The production of a unit can cost twice the public sale price. So it´s natural that the value is high.

Sapatos 3D3D printing emerged as an attempt to please a young audience that increasingly seeks to stand out for the originality of their visuals. In the event that it is possible to make a unique model, adapted to the taste of each one, and print it, that would be great!

There are already stylists who empower their models online for free to download and print in 3D. But these printers aren´t available everywhere, and the cost of printing remains high.

However, 3D printing is an increasingly open window for the future of the footwear world, mainly for the online universe.

Thus the great doubts arise. In the future, will online shoe stores stop having mountains of shoe boxes in warehouses, and will they go to print on demand? Or will the day come when the customer buys a model that is sent digitally so that he can print it at home?

Unfortunately we still don’t have answers to these questions, but we know a lot about conventional footwear. Click on and take a look at our products!

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