Shortly time after, Wegner suggested that it should be created a cotton shirt, with short sleeves and buttons in the front, i.e. the now iconic Fred Perry polo shirt. The success of its design became the foundation of the brand, which was quickly accepted by the tennis players’ community, which help to make it one of the most famous brands of the United Kingdom, being the perfect complement for the Mod movement of the 60s.
The emblem of the brand is a laurel wreath, based on Wimbledon’s original symbol. The emblem normally appears on the left side of the chest of the shirt and is stitched to its fabric. The symbol of the laurel wreath represents victory, conquest and feat, something that demonstrated the humble beginnings and the success of the tennis player himself.
However, this brand did not stay restricted to only athletes, being able to adapt its shirts, with the purpose of being used in the day-to-day. This way, Fred Perry was able to combine sportswear and streetwear, not only with a vast collection of polo shirts, in many colours, but also with a variety of footwear.
Today, the polo shirt with the laurel wreath is the basic component of the Fred Perry brand and continues to be manufactured in England in the same way and with the same materials than when the shirt was first used by the tennis player in 1952, and is now known in several countries around the world for its quality and timeless style.

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