Despite its young age, the truth is that it has as a base a rich 58 years old heritage from José Rodrigues Serrazina, a shoemaker who is very renowned in the Portuguese footwear industry. And, hence, by taking his knowledge, traditions and dedication, Green Boots is able to change the original boots into exclusive and modern models.
This Portuguese brand honours this legacy by adopting more traditional shoe construction methods, such as the case of the Goodyear welt, and by choosing the best quality materials. Only this way is it able to guarantee is unmatchable durability.
Speaking of materials, you must have already noticed that Green Boots shoes show a perfect combination of leather and/or rubber. However, the most interesting thing is that, by the name of each item, you can learn what the main type of leather used is. To this day, there are 3 different types of leather that are usually incorporated during the making of these shoes:
In The Morning – Very soft and comfortable calfskin with a natural colour.
By Evening – Resistant and malleable genuine suede.
At Night – Nubuck with a texture very similar to suede, but more easily dyed, which allows more variety of colours.
Their soles also hide some secrets. What do we mean with this? Well, the truth is that you will be able to find three different types of sole: hide, recycled rubber and military, which provides more temperature range. Besides, the hide soles present Vibram rubber, so you can be sure that they will give you good traction.
So, at the end of all of this, you must have already realized the reason why we wanted Green Boots to be part of EscapeShoes so much. And don’t be fooled by the name, there is more than just green boots! You will find a great variety of boots in different styles and colours, and also other types of footwear, like shoes. Therefore, this is the best time to place your online order! One of these models (or more) has to be part of your wardrobe now!

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