In 1932, his son Harold started to work with him and realized that the style of fashion caps was losing interest. By taking advantage of the high popularity of baseball at that time, it occurred to them to manufacture caps for this area, and two years later the first professional baseball cap came out.
Despite the crisis after the Second World War, the company found a way to continue with its manufacturing by obtaining colourless fabrics and by dyeing them in the family’s washing machines.
In 1950, the New Era Cap Company became the only independent cap manufacturer.
In 1956, Ehrhardt Koch passes away and his son, and later on his grandson, continues the company’s work with great success. Some years later, it opened a new factory in Derby, exclusively for the production of the famous caps of the 59FIFTY model that, 26 years later, entered the Diamond Collection.
In 1974, practically all the teams of the Major League Baseball had a signed contract with New Era. And, thenceforth, it started the production of caps for other fields, like golf, tennis and the army.
Today, this brand exceeds time, culture and sports, by also leaving room for the current fashion. Being the leading manufacturer of caps, it sets the style in new trends. And the best is that it does so by keeping its initial values of Authenticity, Pride, Collaboration and Individuality.
Nowadays, it manufactures, in addition to caps, several pieces of clothing and accessories like backpacks, belts and wallets.
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