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  • Alma en Pena

    The Spanish shoe brand was born in Florence in 2006 as a small project. Little by little it expanded its horizons and nowadays exports to several countries.

  • Armistice

    Born in 2012, Armistice’s a brand with a retro and very simple image.

  • Birkenstock

    Birkenstock is a German footwear brand, very well-known due to its sandals with unique and amusing colours and patterns, but Birkenstock is much more than that!...

  • Bom Bon Chic

    Bom Bon Chic’s a Spanish brand with a wide range of shoes, for those that can’t a celebrity closet but want to have a huge variety at low-cost prices.

  • Carmela

    We present to you Carmela, with shoes made by the best Spanish artisans and with quality materials! As soon as you see its shoes it will be impossible to resist!

  • Cat

    This American brand has nowadays a huge acceptance from the urban youth public. With over 100 years of experience, the manufacturing during its origins was focused on a public dedicated to hard work...

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  • Converse

    Converse and All Star are the same thing? We take this opportunity now to clarify. Converse is the brand. All Star is a model of this brand, with many variations.

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  • Coolway

    Have you ever heard of this brand? As soon as you see its shoes you’ll wish that you’d had known about it sooner! Learn what’s so “cool” about Coolway!

  • Cubanas

    Although its name may indicate otherwise, this brand is of Portuguese origin. The group But Fashion Solutions, which is the one that Cubanas belongs to, was founded in 2005 by Portuguese partners...

  • Darkwood

    Remember the classic mountain boots? Usually, they have a very manly look, but now they were reinvented in more feminine and delicate models, while keeping the same quality. And who is responsible for this innovation? It is Darkwood! As soon as we learned of its existence, it immediately had to be part of EscapeShoes!

  • Dkode

    Dkode is a relatively recent Portuguese brand. It was created in the year 2002 by the Group Sozé S.A., which has over 30 years of experience in the footwear industry. The brand stood out rapidly due to its relaxed and urban look. In the year 2010, it received at the MICAM fair, a prize for innovation and design for its original and creative models...

  • Dr Martens

    It was created in 1901 by the Griggs family in the small town of Wollaston, Northamptonshire, England. It gained reputation by making strong shoes for the working man. 

  • Felmini

    In 1973, Felmini was born in a footwear factory in Felgueiras – Portugal, by the hand of the company J. Moreira Lda. It is the result of a passion of its founders of women’s footwear, fashion and beauty.

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  • Fila

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  • Fly London

    Fly London is a brand of footwear and accessories created in 1994 in England and then acquired by the company Fortunato O. Frederico, the biggest footwear company in Portugal. Nowadays, it has been having a lot of success in many countries, but especially in England.

  • FrancescoMilano

    The best of Italian fashion at very reasonable prices has arrived at EscapeShoes, we present to you FrancescoMilano!

  • Fred Perry

    In the late 40s, Fred Perry, a British tennis player, three times champion of the Wimbledon tournament, was approached by Austrian football player Tibby Wegner, who had invented an anti-perspiration device for the wrist. Fred Perry made a few alterations that gave origin to the first sweatband, a bracelet against sweat. That was how the sportswear brand, Fred Perry, was born...

  • GANT

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  • Geox

    The “shoe that breathes” is more than an idea, it’s Geox’s absolute mission. It’s a mission that has been fulfilled for over 20 years. What for? To offer the best comfort and wellbeing in a pair of shoes that is equally stylish and fashionable. See the comfortable shoes from this Italian brand here at EscapeShoes!

  • Gioseppo

    Founded in 1991 by the Navarro-Pertusa family, Gioseppo’s a Spanish brand with headquarters in Alicante. Today it has crossed borders and is known worldwide not only for its comfortable shoes but also for the details and care given for each one of its pairs, which stand out for their personality, design, colour and fun!

  • Green Boots

    Remember the classic chukka or work boots? Usually, they have a very manly look, but now they were reinvented in more feminine and delicate models, which keep the same quality. And who is responsible for this innovation? It is Green Boots, created only in 2012 and based in Alcobaça, Portugal. As soon as we learned of its existence, it immediately had to be part of EscapeShoes!

  • Guess

    One of the most fashion brands in the world has arrived at EscapeShoes, and it brought elegant and feminine shoes that you will absolutely love. It’s GUESS!

  • Hunter

    The Hunter brand was founded in 1856 by Henry Lee Norris, an American that went to Scotland hoping to expand his company of manufacturing boots...

  • Igor

    High quality wellies at accessible prices? Yes, that’s exactly what Igor offers you!

  • Keds

    If you want to know something curious about the Keds brand, we just need to go back to its origins in 1916. The fact that this footwear would be manufactured with a rubber outsole had as a purpose to be silent as you walked. Because of that, from this new idea of manufacturing footwear with a rubber outsole that did not make noise, is where the word Sneakers is also born, which came from the English word sneak...

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  • Lazuli

    Lazuli is a Portuguese footwear brand, with origin in Santa Maria da Feira, launched by a group of young entrepreneurs in september of 2013 at The Micam fair in Milan.

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  • Lemon Jelly

    Do you know Lemon Jelly? It’s a recent Portuguese brand that’s part of the PROCALÇADO S.A. group and it’s been making a splash! It was founded in 2013 by José Pinto and has been growing internationally ever since!

  • Liu Jo

    Liu Jo, Italian brand founded in 1995 by brothers Marco and Vannis Marchi, has been following the latest trends without ever going out of style. And now its glamorous shoes are already available at EscapeShoes!

  • Mariamare

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  • Melissa

    Melissa is a footwear brand that was launched in 1979, Brasil, by the company Grendene S.A. ...

  • Merrell

    Merrell is a brand created in 1981 by Randy Merrell which started to produce mountain boots and which quickly started to be very appreciated by enthusiasts of this activity. 

  • MTNG

    MTNG stands out due to its shoes that are always up to the latest trends, but with accessible prices in order to reach the biggest number of people. This way, this Spanish brand is able to stay in sync with its public and fulfil its expectations.

  • Muroexe

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  • Musse & Cloud

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  • New Era

    The German Ehrhardt Koch had already some working experience in the manufacturing of hats when he immigrated to New York to found in 1920 the New Era Cap Company. In just two years, the company started to produce 60 thousand Gatsby style caps per year...

  • Nike

    1964 was the year in which it all started. Nike was founded by Bill Boweman and Phil Knight, none of them an entrepreneur or a manager, but the first one a couch and the second an athlete.

  • No Name

    No Name’s a brand of women’s shoes founded in 1991 in France, when 5 centimetres platform sneakers were in fashion. It aimed to “offer another level to the day-to-day look”.

  • Paez

    Paez started in 2007 as a dream of Tomás Pando and Francisco Murray of transforming typical comfortable shoes from Argentina into an international trend. Now, its espadrilles are known and adored by people from all around the world, and they pride themselves of manufacturing them exclusively in Argentina.

  • Palladium

    The Palladium brand, of French origin, dates back to the year 1947 and has already crossed borders, reaching to numerous countries in the entire world. Its boots and sneakers were designed for a hardworking audience or for those that are dedicated to the life outdoors, but, especially, for those that are active and urban...

  • Pepe Jeans

    Pepe Jeans is a brand of jeans, casualwear and accessories...

  • Ria Menorca

    Ria Menorca was the brand that was able to transform such traditional shoes like avarcas into a fashion icon, which now has fans not only in Spain, but also in countries like Italy, United Kingdom, France and Portugal.

  • Salomon

    In 1947, in the French Alps, the Salomon family, composed by François, his wife Jeanne and son Georges, with only 22 years old, founded the brand that currently is practically a synonym of mountain and snow sports. With the family name, it is Salomon!

  • Schutz

    Schutz’s a Brazilian brand that had its start in August in 1995 by the hand of Alexandre Birman. Its aim’s to develop new collections connected to fashion trends and products focused on quality, design and fashion.

  • Sixtyseven

    The SixtySeven brand prides itself in manufacturing its footwear in Spain, more precisely in the city of Alicante, one of the few footwear capitals in the world. 

  • Skunkfunk

    The Spanish brand of clothing and accessories, Skunkfunk, is directed to men as well as for women. It is a Basque company that was founded in Euskadi in 1996 with a limited collection of basic t-shirts...

  • Sperry

    Sperry, or Sperry Top-Sider, is the original brand of boat shoes, created in 1935 by Paul A. Sperry in Massachusetts. Nowadays, together with Keds and Merrell, is part of the Wolverine World Wide, Inc. group, which is one of the biggest footwear companies in the world.

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  • Timberland

    In 1918, Nathan Swartz started his career in the world of footwear and in 1952 acquired half of the Abington Shoe Company which produced footwear for many brands. 

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  • UGG Australia

    Nobody knows for sure if the first ugg boots are Australian or from New Zealand, but everything indicates that they already existed in 1920...

  • Vans

    Vans is a brand founded in 1966 in California, where Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Serge D Ella and Gordon Lee began to create and sell footwear for skateboarders.

  • Vidorreta

    The team that makes espadrilles since 1979. Vidorreta’s design, quality and sustainability are the brand’s main values.

  • Xti

    Are you looking for modern and fashionable shoes at accessible prices? You need to look no further, Xit has arrived at EscapeShoes, and it brought us shoes to which it will be impossible to resist!

  • Xuz

    Xuz is a Portuguese footwear brand, proudly produced by hand by various companies hired by Xuz.