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Socks suitable for tall boots

Available in size M (size 36-38) and size L (size 39-42)

Do you like eye-catching colours? Of course you do! It is necessary to give winter that touch of joy! Look at these Hunter Neon Trim Boot Socks Dark Chocolate Neon Pink UAS3005AADDCN.

In this model, the upper piece that stays outside your wellies is in Chocolate, i.e. very dark brown. It is made of soft wool and its neon pink trim contrasts in a very special way and has a small inner elastic for the perfect fit. At the back, this piece has another knitted layer weaved with much thinner thread, thus creating a double layer.  

In the front of the Dark Chocolate Neon Pink, you will see Hunter’s symbol that appears in all its models. It consists of a rectangular piece made of very malleable rubber that contributes to the flexibility of this area, in order to help you fold it easily.

The part of the leg and foot of these UAS3005AADDCN socks is made of chocolate brown microfleece and is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, especially inside. In the foot area, it presents some very delicate seams that take care and protect your feet, and also have the role of giving more amplitude to this area. Do you know what the advantages of this polar material are? It allows your feet to be at the proper temperature and, at the same time, ventilated. It is fantastic, right? 

In order to use them, stretch them up to the knees, wear your wellies and fold the upper part over your Hunter boots. The brand’s logo should be centred and in the front, the same as the one on the wellies.

These Neon Trim Boot Socks are the most versatile and they look especially well with boots in black, chocolate, olive green or navy.

What are you waiting for to buy them?

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