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Material: Birko-Flor 

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Do you need some comfortable, durable and lightweight sandals? And, in addition to it, you want them to be resistant, flexible and beautiful? Then, the Birkenstock 20221 Adria BF Weiss Lack are, without a doubt, what you were looking for.

Their straps with the shape of tweezers are made of a synthetic material in shiny white colour. This 20221 model has the peculiarity of being adjustable, thanks to the buckle that joins together the two pieces that compose the outside strap. It is made of metal in black and will allow to adapt these sandals to your feet in the best way possible. Besides, in the front, the two straps are joined by a metallic black stud that works as an axis between them and allows a certain rotation movement. This so simple detail is one of the reasons why your feet will feel comfortable and secure.

In the inside strap of these Birkenstock sandals, precisely in the area where it is fixed to the sole, they have with black letters the name of the brand.

The inside of the straps is made of felt also in white. This material provides you softness in contact with your feet, by avoiding any type of wear.

The insoles of the Adria BF Weiss Lack are made of suede in light brown colour. Their velvety texture is soft and very pleasant to the touch. Furthermore, their ergonomic shape allows for it to adapt perfectly to the sole of your foot, since Birkenstock manufactures this footwear by thinking of the correct support for your feet.

The sole is the so-called Cork-Latex. It is essentially formed by two materials: the cork, which provides lightness and sweat absorption, and the latex, which provides resistance and flexibility, by connecting the different densities of the cork. It has a finishing of EVA rubber in black, which is in charge of absorbing the impact.

When do you use them? Well, use them for a walk around town in the afternoon with your friends, as well as to go to the beach or simply for your day-to-day. Wear them with some shorts, with denim clothes or with some tight pants.

Make sure that this summer your tanned feet stand out with these Birkenstock. 

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