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20002-S2 TULIPAN

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Material: Leather 

We advise the normal size.

Do you already have your menorquinas for this summer? What do you think about these Ria Menorca sandals 20002-S2 Velvet Tulipan? Their colour is what you were looking for!

They are made of leather that surely surprises you due to its softness as much as it does me. Besides, you will love to know that it is very easy to clean! You just need to use a slightly wet cloth or baby wipes and, then, let them dry naturally. In this model, it presents a pale orange colour, which matches to perfection with your tanned feet. This really malleable and resistant leather follows the movements of your feet perfectly as you walk and protects you all the time.

The piece that covers the front of your feet presents a small opening on the toecap. You will realize that it only lets you see your toes. However, in reality, it has another important role, which is to let air come in so that your feet are ventilated.

These Ria Menorca 20002-S2 Velvet Tulipan have their classic strap on the back. It holds your heels to perfection and marks the difference when compared with other similar brands for two reasons. On one hand, thanks to the format of its curve and, on the other hand, due to the material that it is made of, which is natural rubber. This is how this Spanish brand always keeps the functionality of this element, thus preventing it from falling while you are walking.

Inside, they are lined with beige leather that is very pleasant to the touch. Their leather insoles are non-removable and are stitched to the sole to give them more durability. This black rubber sole is flexible, resistant and non-sticky. Hence, it will provide you excellent cushioning with each step you take.

You can use these 20002-S2 Velvet Tulipan menorquinas to walk around town, to spend the afternoons with your friends or to enjoy the weekend with your family. They look great with denim clothes, especially dark. You can match them with shorts, leggings and skirts or dresses.

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