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SKU: 40263-C

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Material: Suede – Platform: 3 cm

We recommend your normal size.

What do you think about these Xuz sandals? If you are a fun and daring woman, this is your perfect model. Learn more about the Flat Xuz Fringes Beads Grey 40263-C.

They are made of dark grey suede with a bluish touch. This really malleable and resistant suede has a velvety texture that is very soft to the touch.

The Flat Xuz Fringes Beads Grey 40263-C are mainly composed of two straps made of the suede that we just described. These straps cross on the front to involve your big toe. You must have noticed the strap that is decorated with fringes in a slightly lighter shade of grey. They are made of the same material and go outside the strap at the bottom, while on top they have beads in many colours. Without a doubt, they give a very cheerful touch to these sandals and they are strongly fixed to the suede with transparent nylon thread.

On both sides of the ankle, there are two vertical straps that form an opening on top. Through them go the two front straps, and you will be able to adjust them on the back to your liking. These sandals leave the instep open, thus making a V design that really stylizes your feet.

The interior of these straps, which will directly touch your skin, is very soft and pleasant. Their platforms are covered with the same dark grey suede. On the other hand, the insoles are non-removable and are characterized for their special cushioning. It will ensure that you feel comfortable and well-rested, even at the end of the day. The flexibility that this platform presents will surprise, as well as how resistant and durable it is. Besides, with their non-sticky rubber underneath, you will feel secure and stable.

They look great with denim clothes and with vivid-coloured skirts or dresses. You can use them to hang out with your friends in the evenings and for your day-to-day around town. You will be super comfortable!

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