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Material: Textile

Scale: Unisex

We recommend one size below normal.

You are a fan of Converse All Star sneakers, right? Do you like the colour of the M9691 Maroon Ox? These are yours!

As you know, they are made of resistant and, most of all, very malleable canvas. In this specific model, it is in burgundy or maroon. One of their great advantages is that their material moulds easily to the movements of your feet.

Also notice that Converse always uses metallic eyelets for their shoelaces. The ones of the All Star M9691 are in steel, which stands out on the maroon. This metallic material ensures that they are more durable and allow the flat laces to slide more easily through them.

Do you see that they have two smaller eyelets on the side? Have you ever asked yourself why? They ensure that your feet are ventilated by letting them breathe.

These low-top sneakers are reinforced on the toecap, with a rubber piece that is visible from the outside. In addition of being extra protection, it already is a characteristic element from this brand. However, did you know that the heel is also reinforced? It consists of an inner rubber layer covered with canvas. This ensures that your heels are well protected and keeps the needed flexibility in this area.

The interior of the M9691 Maroon Ox is lined with canvas similar to the one outside, but in beige. Their insoles are non-removable and are very padded to provide you great comfort.

Thanks to their insoles and rubber soles, you will see for yourself when you wear them that they cushion the impact against the ground really well. They are also characterized for the flexibility of their white soles, which are brown underneath, and have the role of providing you all the traction to the ground that you need.

Do you know how these low-top All Star look great? With shades of grey, blue and black. Wear them with jeans, leggings or sportswear for your day-to-day and to do physical activities.

Get ready for this new acquisition!

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