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Material: Leather / Textile

We advise the normal size.

I already know that the first thing that you thought when you saw these sneakers was that they had to be yours. Learn more about the Merrell Rant Falcon J21857.

The fabric that they are made of is strong and resistant, but the best of all is that it has the needed malleability so that you feel comfortable. It is in a slightly brownish shade of dark grey and its surface is pleasant to the touch.

Both on the collar and on one side, you will find leather pieces in greyish beige. On the back, above the heel, there is a strap made of the same leather, which will help you put on the sneakers more easily.

Their flat white matte shoelaces are flexible, resistant and waxed to make them more durable. The eyelets from which they go through are made of dark grey metal, which matches perfectly with this design. You will find two smaller eyelets on the side, whose job is to allow your feet to breathe and to always be ventilated.

When you wear them, you will be surprised by how padded their tongues are. At first glance, they are thin, but they are padded inside, which is very comfortable for your insteps.

The interior of the Merrell Rant Falcon J21857 is made of black fabric. Their same coloured removable insoles have the M-Select FRESH technology, which helps to eliminate sweat in a natural way.

Their soles are made of light grey rubber with darker and green details. They are flexible, resistant and, furthermore, the front extends upwards. Thus, they protect this more delicate area in a discreet way. The part that is touching the ground presents a pattern, which provides you a good grip to the ground.

To match them is very easy! You can use sportswear in shades of grey, green, blue, maroon and brown or for your day-to-day with a pair of jeans.

As you can see, they are perfect for you! Therefore, seize this opportunity!


This product presents the following technology:

M-Select FRESH – Eliminates sweat and odours in a natural way.

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