Sneakers SIXTYSEVEN 75070 Cross Black

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Material: Textile - Platform: 4 cm

We advise the normal size.

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Size guide

If the indicated charts are not helpful enough in choosing your size, please follow these steps to measure your feet:

1. Put a ruler horizontally on the floor, with an extremity leaned against a wall;

2. Step unto the ruler with your foot and write down the measurement in centimetres;

3. Switch feet and also measure the other foot. Most people have feet with different lengths, so always choose the largest measurement.

Send us an e-mail with the largest measurement of both feet.

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These SixtySeven sneakers 75070 Cross Black are the model that you were looking for! Below, we tell you everything that you need to know.

You are going to love their canvas! Firstly due to the print that it presents, and secondly due to its nice texture, its resistance and its malleability. It is black and has some white seams in the shape of a cross. It seems like it gives an effect of a starry sky, right?

The eyelets of these SixtySeven sneakers are metallic in steel. Through them go their flat and black shoelaces, which are characterized for being very flexible and resistant. You will be able to see it for yourself straightway by stretching one of their extremities and you will see that it quickly returns to its original position. Furthermore, they come with extra laces, with the same features, but in white, to match with the crosses!

The interior of these 75070 Cross sneakers is made of the same fabric that the exterior is made of, but by inverting the colours. This way, it is white canvas with black crosses. On the heel, they have a double layer that reinforces this more delicate area, by also always keeping its flexibility. On the other hand, their non-removable insoles are truly padded and comfortable.

When you wear them, you will see that what truly cushions each step you take as you walk are their rubber soles with platform. They are black and present a small pattern with horizontal lines. Furthermore, this rubber is flexible, durable and non-sticky.

They will give you, in a discreet way, the perfect height so that you feel feminine and comfortable. Because of that, you can use them to take them everywhere during your day-to-day. Their colour is very easy to match with other colours and they look as great with skinny trousers as with skirts or dresses.

Do you want fashionable shoes that match with everything and are comfortable? Buy the SixtySeven 75070 Cross Black now!

Sneakers SIXTYSEVEN 75070 Cross Black

Sneakers SIXTYSEVEN 75070 Cross Black

Material: Textile - Platform: 4 cm We advise the normal size.

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