About us

About Us

First of all, it is important to explain why EscapeShoes. Escape is a name that, between us, appeared in 1990, when we needed to name the first physical store. At that time, without any logical explanation, and as the result of a silly idea (the first of many), we decided to call it “Escape”. If you want, you can associate this name with the idea that we wanted to offer our customers brand name products and different from usual, in order to be used in escape situations, on the weekend or for a special even. In fact, it is an association that we also like to make. As for the word Shoes, it is what it means… yes, like you, we love everything related to footwear!

The first store was a success and we quickly opened more stores, reaching up to 6 stores open. In 2011, the world economy, especially in Portugal, went into a decline and the sales also started to drop, and, this time, we decided that it would be crucial to do something new and different from what we had done so far. We did management training at a good Portuguese university and, then, another silly idea started to hang over. The idea of creating an online store! This hypothesis was analysed several times, and the final answer was always the same: “nobody buys shoes without trying them first”. Not satisfied with these conclusions, we took a chance and, in June 2012, we published some ads on free sales channels. Surprised with the outcome, it was decided that we will create an online store and, furthermore, in this online store, we will ensure that we offer a service of excellence.

On 28 August, the online store was more or less ready, but it was online and we received our first visit. Since then, we continue with the idea, once again silly, that the online store is not yet ready. We are continuously developing and improving what is already done, always with a goal in mind, to offer a service of excellence! It is a difficult goal to quantify, but the reviews from our customers lead us to believe that we are on the right track! One thing is certain, only you can undo this question.

For those who have seen our address, you may have noticed that the head office is in Massamá, more precisely in the basement of a house. There was and still is the head office of the initial company, and while we have space, either under or over our desks, to store shoes, that is where we will stay. To do a lot with the little that we have is quite enjoyable!

Meet our staff

Rui Abreu

Founder and CEO

Hobby: Cars

Joana Brilha

English translator

Hobby: Movies

Cristina Borges

Customer service and person responsible for the warehouse

Hobby: Cooking

Rui Augusto


Hobby: Cars

Susana Félix


Hobby: Dance

Claudia Lobo

Image (photography and film)

Hobby: Crossfit

Nuno Borralho

Computer programmer and Photographer

Hobby: Mountain biking