EscapeShoes – Premium Access

escapeshoes premium

What is EscapeShoes PREMIUM?

EscapeShoes PREMIUM is a service that we offer to a restricted group of clients. 

Advantages of belonging to EscapeShoes PREMIUM:

– Access by invitation only;

– You frequently receive vouchers with 10% discount;

– You will receive firsthand the information that we received new models;

You will receive news of the most recent discounts and campaigns;

– The possibility of doing an exchange of a product up to 100 days after receiving it.


How to I belong to EscapeShoes PREMIUM?

There are three ways to have access to EscapeShoes PREMIUM:

1 – The direct access to EscapeShoes PREMIUM has a 29€ annuity. If you want to join by making this payment, send us an e-mail to [email protected].

2 – Access by invitation, depending on the client’s history, your account may be updated to a EscapeShoes PREMIUM account.

3 – By contest – If you would like to belong to EscapeShoes PREMIUM, try your luck and enter your e-mail address on the footer area, where it says “WIN A 10% DISCOUNT”. You can only apply once.


Special conditions:

Vouchers and discounts are not cumulative.

In order to have access to the current discount voucher, you will have to open the e-mail that is sent to you weekly.

The non-compliance of these conditions, implies the automatic cancellation of the registration.