Is there a more perfect combination than that of rubber, leather and canvas? All of it combined with several types of colours, which can go from the most natural to the most eye-catching. Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons that makes the Palladium brand adapt to any style, either for man, woman or child.
Its footwear is characterized for its lightweight and resistant outsoles and for the rubber reinforcement in their toecaps, which makes them famous. This way, you will have durable and lightweight footwear that allows you to have them on during the entire day, by preventing marks of use to appear immediately.
One anecdote that we want you to know is that in its manufacturing, they use materials that were previously used in tyres. Did you doubt its stability and resistance? Here you have the proof! The best of all is that they keep its malleability.
Furthermore, you will be surprised by its flexibility and the ability that its canvas has to adapt to your feet and to each one of your movements. You can be sure that you will use comfortable footwear with the Palladium boots or sneakers.
In addition to its boots and sneakers, this brand also makes pieces of clothing and accessories.
Two of its best known models of footwear are the Pallabrouse and the Pampa, which you will be able to find at EscapeShoes, together with the Baggy and the Blanc.
We know that you like to show off your style and feel that comfort that we all need. Choose your model now!

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