Pepe Jeans was born in 1973, in Portobello’s market, London, when three brothers from Kenya prepared a genius plan. Nitin, Arun & Milan Shah dreamed of creating British style jeans, with lots of details, which would conquer the world.
Little did they know what would happen to them. For a public that was already tired of insipid and ordinary denim jeans, the pants from Pepe Jeans were a breath of fresh air, which made the brothers leave their fulltime jobs, in order to concentrate in building a successful and well-known company around the world.
With its increasing growth, around 1980, Pepe Jeans was competing against the big brands from North America and was launching its brand in Ireland, and, shortly after, in Europe, thus becoming the most successful jeans brand in the United Kingdom, intended for those who have a modern lifestyle in a modern world. However, only in 1992 did the Pepe Jeans’ logo appeared, based on a signature.
The brand also has the ability to find future stars to be the brand’s face for advertising, among which Ashton Kutcher, Sienna Miller, Cristiano Ronaldo and model Kate Moss, which made her first advertising campaign for Pepe Jeans. Their commercials also made the difference in the fashion advertising channels, like their hymns “Heart and Soul” and “How Soon Is Now?” by the British bands T’Pau and The Smiths, respectively.
Despite having begun to be a brand exclusively dedicated to man’s fashion, it has evolved and now includes women’s clothes and fashion accessories, creating pants, dresses and bags with the most varied patterns and colours, which certainly is able to satisfy any preference, and that now you can find at EscapeShoes.

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