Little by little, it started to extend worldwide and to gain success with its comfortable and fun products with a funk style.
But before talking about the features of its different models, we think that it is necessary to comment on an important detail that most people do not know about. And that is that Skunkfunk has an ecological mind-set.
It obtained the GOTS certification, worldwide standard of environmental and social criteria. In order to obtain this certification, the textile materials used in the manufacturing must have at least 70% of organic fibres. That is the reason why this brand prefers to use biodegradable elements, like organic cotton, recycled polyester, linen and lyocell (material that comes from recycling plastic bottles). Furthermore, in over 95% of the occasions, it uses boat as means of transport of its merchandise, and thus being able to reduce carbon emissions.
If you think of buying Skunkfunk products, you want quality. It stands out because its fabrics, its seams and its finishings are resistant to wear as well as to the wash.
You will be able to find a great variety of clothes, like t-shirts, dresses, pants, jackets, bags… Many of their designs are very casual and youthful, but you will also find products intended for an older age group. What is evident is that all their designs have style and are original.
Skunkfunk bets on striped t-shirts, rough textures, uneven cuts and twisted lines. All of it without forgetting to provide you the greatest comfort, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.
Will you be able to resist the creativity of their geometrical shapes and the stupendous combination of colours and materials?

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