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Socks suitable for tall boots

Available in size M (size 36-38) and size L (size 39-42)

What do you think of these socks for your Hunter wellies? They are the Neon Trim Boot Socks Light Ochre Neon Orange UAS3005AADONO.

This model of socks has the upper part, that one that is folded and is visible on top of the shaft, in ochre brown with a neon orange trim. It is a perfect combination of colours, right? The knitted wool is pretty much covered and the part underneath presents a wool fabric notably thinner, simply knitted and in the same colours. Both parts are joined together by Hunter’s symbol that is found stitched to the front. It is a piece of very malleable white rubber with red trims and black letters.  

The part of the leg and foot of these Neon Trim Boot Socks is made of ochre microfleece that is slightly lighter than the wool in the upper part. You will be surprised by its texture when you have them in your hands, since they are even softer inside than outside. Thus, when in contact with your feet, they will make you feel comfortable and cosy every time.

They have seams that join the different pieces that give room to your feet. They are very discreet in order to keep the softness that is so pleasant when in touch with your skin. 

In order to use the Ochre Neon Orange UAS3005AADONO, stretch them up to the knees, then wear your wellies and fold the upper part on top of your Hunter boots. The brand’s logo should be centred and in the front, thus hiding the one of the wellies. 

These are perfect to match, for example, with boots in chocolate, olive green or simply black, either in matte or glossy.

You will see how well this complement looks with your wellies!

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