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Material: Leather

We advise the normal size.

Are you ready to find out all the secrets of the sneakers Chameleon II Stretch Navy J516375?

As with the majority of models from Merrell, they combine several different materials that turn your sneakers into exceptional and quality footwear.

In this J516375 model, there is a blue mesh with a slight shiny touch, which allows your feet to be kept ventilated. On the other hand, there is a fabric in lighter greyish blue that is very elastic and covers the upper part of the ankle and the tongue. It is going to really hold your feet without pressuring them at any moment. 

Another of the materials used is leather in bluish dark grey, laid out in the shape of strips that go towards the instep area. The straps that they form in the extremities are the eyelets from which their black string slides through. This elastic string makes it easy and quick to adjust the Chameleon II sneakers to your liking. Besides, the strip made of synthetic fabric that they have in the upper part of the heel will serve to also wear them with ease.  

The interior of these Merrell Navy J516375 is padded and lined with very soft black fabric that comforts your feet. Their insoles in the same colour are removable and have the M-Select FRESH technology, which guarantees you that your feet are able to breathe. 

The soles are made of resistant and flexible black rubber, and their slip-resistance features are proven, thanks to the Vibram technology. Without a single doubt, you will feel secure and stable with these sneakers that provide the perfect grip to any type of pavement.

Wear them for the days when you go out to walk in nature. They are very easy to match with comfortable pants in tones of grey, black or blue. For your day-to-day, they look perfect with jeans in the colour that you like the most.

It is impossible to resist, isn’t it? Place your order now!


This product presents the following technologies:

M-Select FRESH – Eliminates sweat and odours in a natural way;

Vibram – Provides greater stability and traction.

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