Cubanas Shoes for all tastes!

Today, on the EscapeShoes blog, we are going to tell you about this Portuguese brand, Cubanas.
Combining comfort with the very special style you’ve become accustomed to, Cubanas has a vast collection of footwear, making it easier to complete your looks!
With the start of the new season and, so that you are ready for it, we are now going to present you all the news from the Spring/Summer 2021 collection of this brand!
By betting on this brand, you will always find the elegance, comfort and style that best suits you, and in a wide variety of articles, including:,

  • Ankle boots
  • Clogs
  • Mules
  • Espadrilles
  • Sandals

Best of all is not only the variety of items that Cubanas has, but also the variety of styles, ensuring that you always have the best accessories for the most diverse occasions.

History and Origin

Cubanas is a Portuguese brand of footwear, bags and accessories that, in 2020, celebrated 15 years.

It started as a footwear brand, but quickly understood the advantage of growing and investing more in its own design and production, with a focus on feminine, elegant lines and strong colors.

The Portuguese brand is strongly committed to the pillars of quality, innovation and comfort.

Cubanas – New Autumn/Winter 2021 

With the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, there are many novelties, especially ankle boots, in rubber or suede, and sneakers, with shades and materials that are super suitable for the colder seasons.

In addition to the elegance and clear adaptation to a colder climate, Cubanas returns with great elegance and comfort, as usual!


If you’re a fan of keeping your sneakers on, even with the onset of the cold, and opting for comfort and practicality over glamour, check out the Rua 1370 Brown, with various shades of brown and with a bet on materials such as felt and suede.

On the other hand, if you opt for rubber wellies, the brand has super elegant and glamorous options that reinvent the way to wear wellies and the possible combinations with your looks. As an example, see the  Rainy 1740 Blue, the Rainy 1760 Green and the Rainy 631 Silver.

Finally, take a look at the brand’s options in terms of suede and/or leather ankle boots, including the Natur 510 Bege and the East 300 Bege.

Cubanas – Spring/Summer 2022 News 


This Spring/Summer 2022 collection brought many new features, without neglecting the well-known lines of the Cubanas brand. It kept the classic espadrilles, new models of sandals and, of course, the comfort and practicality of sneakers couldn´t be missing.

For the days at the beach or outings, espadrilles won’t let you down. Take a look at the new models, for example the Holly700 Pink, the Holly830 Beige or the Holly700 Gold, choose your favorites and you won’t want anything else. Super comfortable and versatile, they match several occasions and, this year, the brand chose to bring more glamorous and shiny models and simpler and more rustic models.

Sandals are also a common footwear for the hottest days of walking or summer nights and the brand hasn´t forgotten that. So, you can choose between the Darci 110 White or the Darci 110 Gold, both very elegant, versatile options and super easy to match with outfits from the warmer seasons.

Finally, the ones that run through all seasons and continue to be the preferred choice of many customers: sneakers. Comfort and practicality, combined with fresher materials, continue to make sneakers the best sellers throughout the year. Take a look at the news we have for you, for example the You 110 Pink, the Gota 200 White or the Gota 210 Pink.

Now we want to know what you think. What are your favorite models? Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you will have Cubanas quality assurance! Visit the EscapeShoe online store and place your order now!

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