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Today on EscapeShoes blog we will tell you about the most proper shoes for a pilgrimage, such as to Fátima or to Santiago de Compostela. Because not every shoe is fitting to this kind of walk! Keep on reading and get ready to walk!

How to get prepared

A pilgrimage takes a lot of physical effort and it is crucial to be well prepared for it. Not just to finish it but also to get back home safe and sound. For that it is necessary to take some precautions before and during your pilgrimage.

First of all, you need to get physically prepared on advance, which means you need to go to a doctor’s appointment for a health check-up. After that you need to make daily walks, going a little further each day to try and test your body defences.


Pick your itinerary, check the official website of Shrine of Fatima or the CaminoWays.com website in order to get information about pilgrimage assistance to Fatima or to Santiago de Compostela, respectively.


Choose where you will take your meals! These should be frequent so you don’t risk hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). Don’t make any heavy meals; instead make lighter ones that don’t work on your stomach so you don’t get sick.


One of the most important things, if the not the most important one, is to drink a lot of water. A task like this will demand a lot from your organism and you will lose a lot of water that is why you need to drink the most water as possible for you to reset your levels and don’t get dehydrated. The ideal is that you drink at least one and half litters of water that should be at room temperature so there’s not a chance of a temperature shock. And you must stay away from sweetened beverages, like sodas, for example.

Get some rest

Very important! Don’t forget to rest! It is advised that you take an hour pause in the morning and two hours after lunch for you to properly make your digestion and avoid the warmer time. Don’t forget to wear light and loose clothes, preferably made of cotton and take a raincoat in case it rains, and something warm for you to wear at night.

And when it comes to what shoes you should wear, come with us and we will give you the best tips on how to keep your feet as comfortable as possible along the way.

Important dates

Like all good pilgrims, you need to know when they occur so you can get ready in advance. The most important dates for Fatima’s celebrations are on May 13th and October 13th. Or, if you are a pilgrim of Santiago de Compostela, there are a lot of pilgrimages throughout the year. There is usually once a month.

What are the best shoes to go on a pilgrimage?

The best is to pick comfortable shoes for long walks that fit to the journey’s characteristics, it is advisable that you wear light shoes that you have already worn a few times, and it is not advisable for you to wear a new pair of shoes on a pilgrimage to minimize the risk of hurting your feet. And you should take an extra pair of shoes as well so you can change them every day.  Yet, if you are thinking of buying a new pair of shoes it is recommended to buy them on advance and wear them before your journey so you can adapt it to your feet. Here you have some few other points you need to pay attention to:

  • Durability
  • Resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Adherence
  • Lightness

Now that we know the most important things to take on account about shoes for long walks, let’s see some models you can wear according to the weather. The most advisable shoes for long walks are Merrell shoes. Why Merrell? Because it has shoes that fit functionality to comfort in a perfect measure!

Pilgrimage shoes for rainy days

If you are going to make your journey on a cold and rainy weather, the best is for you to have waterproof, breathable and adherent shoes. It is indispensable for your health and to guarantee that your shoes last longer! If there is rain forecast, don’t take a chance and wear waterproof shoes. Besides, it is a good idea to take pants that cover the top of the boot or sneaker so that the water don’t get a chance to get into your shoes. For example, the Merrell Anvic Pace boots for men or the Alpine Casual women boots, that you can see bellow, are waterproof.

botas merrell peregrinacao

Comfortable sneakers to walk

But still, if you are going to walk under the sun with a few to none possibilities of rain, it is preferable to wear some comfortable sneakers to walk, like the two models bellow for example.

tenis merrell para caminhada

These Merrell Waterpro Maipo sneakers, in red for men and black for women, are very comfortable for long walks and in addiction to that, they are very light, breathable and non-slippery so that you can have a great walk!

The most important thing is that you feel good with your shoes since you are going to spend a lot of time together during your pilgrimage. Therefore, take your time choosing them, there is no need for any rush!

We at EscapeShoes hope for your next pilgrimage to be thrilling and unforgettable! So, if you haven’t picked your pair, come and visit our online store and find the most comfortable boots or shoes for your long walk. You will surely find your perfect companions!


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