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In this new post, we tell you how to take care of your Timberland boots and shoes, so that they always look like new.

Want to know how to take care of your shoes to always be impeccable? We have already covered in this blog the precautions to be taken when disinfecting shoes, but in this post, we show you how to take care of your Timberland shoes so that they are always as good as new. We know that having Timberland shoes means a considerable investment, and that’s also why you’ll want to value your branded shoes so that they last as long as possible.

With the arrival of colder weather, the demand for warm and comfortable options increases, but protecting our feet is the priority. The best choice for comfort in extreme temperatures is boots, especially if they are waterproof and robust to suit any outdoor walk. However, we continue to wear our shoes for our daily lives and have to live up to more formal occasions, the office environment or meetings that demand more formality. Timberland presents several shoe models that are completely hybrid, perfect to match the most diverse environments.

The brand uses high quality materials and manufactures sustainably to reduce waste while preserving the environment.

Bearing in mind that Timberland uses different types of leather and that each one requires specific care, we are going to explain how to take care of your shoes, so that they last longer than expected and always maintain the highest quality and, of course, with the best possible look.

Waterproofing your Timberland footwear

Not all Timberland shoes are waterproof. Even those that are, can gain dirt stains over time. Therefore, it is advisable to waterproof your shoes to increase water resistance and protect different types of leather from more difficult stains.

Caring for smooth or greasy leather

Smooth leather resists dirt more easily, but that’s not why it’s immune to it. In this way, you should also give it the necessary attention, mainly because this waxed up over time loses its natural resistance. To restore this leather type, use Waximum XP Leather Protector.  For its good use, just apply it with a cloth, paying special attention to the creases that the leather has gained in the meantime and never neglecting the less accessible areas. It´s very simple to use, for example in Timberland sailing shoes.

Sapatos Vela Timberland

And, for a better finish, after letting the protector dry, you can use  Timberland conditioner to give a natural glow, preserve and moisturize soft leather.

For greasy leathers, such as the Timberland Courma Kid Chelsea boots, use Waximum Waxed Leather Protector, which will help to soften, restore and give better protection to these leathers.

Botas Timberland

Treat nubuck or suede leather

Nubuck leather and suede are materials to pay attention to when it comes to delicacy. They can be resistant, but their beautiful velvety texture is more susceptible to dirt. It´s advisable to brush this type of footwear with a bristle brush more regularly, to remove dust and any dirt that may have accumulated on the fur. Don´t forget that it´s also advisable to carry out a deeper cleaning and, for this, we advise you to use the Renewbuck Cleaner Suede Reconditioner.

This product, in addition to having an ecological formula that protects sensitive leather even more, removes dirt, mud and even ketchup stains.You can even use it on shoes in light or dark colors, as in the classic ones, but with a zip apply and in a different color, Timberland boots.

Botas Timberland limpeza


Interior cleaning of your Timberland shoes 

The importance of airing your shoes has already been mentioned before. Perspiration can cause bad odors or help the proliferation of unwanted fungi. Try to alternate between at least two pairs of shoes, keeping them in the air so they dry completely. If possible, fill the interior with sheets of absorbent paper or newspaper so that they absorb moisture better.

But for a better interior cleaning of your Timberland shoes, we advise you to use the Timberland Air Raide shoe deodorant. This same spray has a mild aroma that eliminates not only odors, but also the microorganisms that cause them.

Botas Timberland III


Now you can have your shoes always clean, protected and ready for any adventure and occasion! These steps may seem tedious and time consuming, but they are quick and will allow you to wear your Timberland shoes much longer. And if you think that the most difficult thing is to find these products for sale, know that you are just one click away from reaching them. You can find any one right here in our online store. In addition to these cleaning products, you already have the new Timberland collection ready to debut! So, check out EscapeShoes and come see what we have prepared for you!

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