Cubanas Shoes… do you know this brand?

cubanas shoes

First and foremost, Cubanas Shoes was created in 2005 and, yes, its name was inspired by the warmth and joy of the Cuban people. Therefore, this brand doesn’t conform to the fashion tendencies, quite the opposite; it creates its own tendencies reflecting the Cuban people charisma.

Therefore it is with warm colours and exotic materials that it creates timeless models filled with an unprecedented originality. These strong emotions count on the likes of well-known and loving people, like Diana Chaves and Helena Coelho, to help us get to know and fall in love with this brand.

But it’s not only these lovely faces that like shoes, we all love them and this Portuguese brand knows how to create caliente shoes that walk with us through the best moments of our lives.

Autumn winter 2019 Cubanas shoes collection

For the new season, Cubanas Portugal has given us a lot of novelties fitting to every liking. All of their creations are irreverent and original and never let go of quality and comfort, of course! Come and see their new models with us!

Flat ankle boots

Now that we’re in the mid-season, we don’t want our feet to get cold, so an extra protection comes in handy. How about some flat ankle boots? They are practical, super versatile and can adapt very well to these sudden temperature changes. Check Cubanas Nature210 camel ankle boots for example. It’s not just their colour that is light, their suede is very soft and they have small metallic studs to top that! And you know what’s better? It’s knowing that they are available in brown and black as well.

nature 210 ankle boots

High heel ankle boots

And if you are a fan of high heels, there is a lot of news as well! For this season, Cubanas betted on old west inspired ankle boots: cowboy boots! This model is characterized for the lovely cut-outs on the leather. Have you seen the brown Vitoria400 ankle boots? Besides being gorgeous, they match pretty well with jeans or a skirt. And the Cubanas Vitoria410? In these you can find a side elastic to give you a few extra help putting them on. And, of course, there are two available colours: camel and brown.

cowboy ankle boots Cubanas

If you are a fan of the classical model, don’t worry! The brown Vitoria440 ankle boots have an aged gold pattern on all of the heel area. And this model is also available in black and silver. Or you can choose the grey Triumph200 ankle boots, these are quite simple because they only have cut-outs on the sides that hide the inner elastic, and the colour is very smooth and versatile.

high heel ankle boots

The Cubanas brand takes its originality from the typical exotic patterns of the Cuban culture. And that can be seen on these Cubanas Tribal1100 ankle boots. As you can see, the heel has a boar fur pattern that is just as soft as the real one. And have you noticed the wooden heel? It is very sturdy and resistant, but they are still very feminine and look lovely with jeans.

tribal chocolate ankle boots

Cubanas boots for Winter

Of course we have to be aware that Winter is just round the corner and there is nothing better than these elegant brown Vitoria450 boots. Even if you choose for just some plain jeans, you will always be very elegant.

vitoria 450 boots

Cubanas shoes sneakers

The good thing about sneakers is that they can easily adapt to any time of the year, they are good for sunny and gloomy days. And to brighten every day, Cubanas has brought us a lot of colourful and super soft models made of wonderful materials. Check the Cubanas Run model, for instance, it is lined with soft synthetic fur on the front of the foot and on the sides they are made of burel, a Portuguese textile made from wool. And there is a whole incredible variety of colours that fit to your every day, all year long.

cubanas run sneakers

Cubanas shoes wellies

On the other hand, wellies are the perfect shoes to protect us from rain. And for this season, Cubanas wellies are wonderful; each one is more original than the other.

Like Cubanas Rainy1460, for instance, with their black and white tweed elastic, mate finish and glossy toecap. They look very British, don’t they? And Rainy 1420 with a leather strip on the elastic area that has a star shaped metallic buckle. They are very special!

cubanas wellies

If you like frills, then you won’t want to miss on the chance of having some black Cubanas Rainy1400 with three frills covering the elastic. Or the burgundy Rainy1410 that has a frill lining the elastic and, furthermore, they are also available in black. Or you can get a touch of the wild side with Rainy921 wellies that have a leopard skin pattern. They are all fantastic!

women wellies

But if you still rather have some basic wellies how about a different colour? How about some green Rainy611? Or the pink Rainy611? At first sight they are a basic model, but their bright colours create an explosion of joy at your feet!

rainy wellies

Cubanas shoes bags

And by the way, it’s not just your feet that needs protection, your most personal and precious things deserve to be protected as well! And, for that, Cubanas brings us a wonderful bag collection that is fitting to all likings. Well, just check this black Cubanas Saturn100M bag: it has metallic chains, it’s made from suede, has a lot of pockets and it’s very roomy. But if you like smaller bags there’s Cubanas Pipa100C that has a very simple design and even though it may be smaller, it still has plenty of room for everything you need. And you can have it in black as well.

cubanas bags

On the other hand if you like to feel free; how about a backpack? Besides being very roomy, the fact that you can carry it on your shoulders makes it more comfortable and it’s the ideal complement for a day out.

cubanas backpack

And now that you have seen all of our suggestions, how about taking a walk to and see these and other lovely options for you to buy Cubanas online? Or you can get inspired on the looks of these brand great influencers, Diana Chaves and Helena Coelho, and create your own look to impress your friends. After all, the important thing is that you come to our online shoe store and let yourself get caught by the Latin American fire of Cubanas!

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