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Sunny days are coming to an end and getting shorter meaning that autumn’s arriving, isn’t that right? On one hand, you may feel sad as it means that you need to go back to your routine, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad, right? That’s why, to cheer you up a bit today we’ll talk about the new Carmela autumn / winter collection 2018. Shall we?

Personally I love these colder months as it means that I’ll be able to wear boots and booties again! That doesn’t mean that I don’t wear them in spring, but it’s always preferable when the weather’s cooler! This is why this post will focus mainly on ankle boots:

  •          High heel ankle boots
  •          Flat ankle boots

High heel ankle boots

As I mentioned on previous posts, I personally prefer flat shoes, but when I’ve a special event or meeting I always like to embellish my outfit and there’s nothing better than a pair of ankle boots with a few extra centimetres to boost your confidence, right? That’s why as soon as I saw these Serraje Grey I fell completely in love! Firstly they’re grey, a versatile colour that looks great with anything, and secondly they’re very, but very comfortable! It doesn’t feel like I’m wearing high heels, and believe me that’s saying something!


If by chance your outfits tend to go towards warmer colours go with these Camel Serraje! Their shade of brown’s ideal and they’re super versatile! What do you think?


Flat ankle boots

If there’s footwear I use and overuse during autumn and winter are flat ankle boots! They’re comfortable and make any outfit more professional, even looking as if I’m wearing a pair of sneakers! My favourites from this collection are definitely the Serraje Taupe. Have you seen their cosy furry lining? It doesn’t get any better than that! And their shade’s perfect to match with any colour of the rainbow!


If you prefer a pair in a darker shade yet with a fun and different touch, then look at these black Combined Leather! Their stars in contrast with the high quality leather of these Carmela will look perfect on your feet, believe it!


Now comes the hard part, to choose! You can pay us a visit at our EscapeShoes online store, where we’ve many more shoes and colours! Come and get ready for the coolest months of the year!

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