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Many of us love to have a feminine look, but we don’t always like or feel like “girly” and “high heels” go together, isn’t that right? Nowadays you don’t need to suffer wearing high heels to feel like you’ve a feminine and fashionable outfit, because luckily there are sneakers! That’s why on today’s post we’ll talk about some of our favourite brands when it comes to these type of shoes, and they are:

  •          Converse sneakers;
  •          Vans sneakers;
  •          Guess sneakers.

Converse sneakers


Personally I’m a huge fan of Converse shoes, especially the well-known All Star. No matter the colour, they always look great, either with jeans or dresses! They’re comfortable, casual and match harmoniously with everything we’ve in our wardrobe!

For metallized colours enthusiasts that can’t decide between gold and silver, why now choose both with these Light Gold sneakers? On the other hand, if you prefer to offer a more romantic touch to your outfit bet on these blue shoes with satin shoelaces! They’re to die for!

Vans sneakers


Like Converse, Vans one of the best well-known brands when it comes to sporty shoes and it’s for excellent reasons! Since its classic black and white shoes appeared, we’ve all wanted a pair! However, the truth’s that sometimes we want to implement a bit of colour, and that’s why these pink Vans are perfect!

Guess sneakers


This couldn’t be a post about sneakers without talking about GUESS! It has been one of the brands that have surprised us most when it comes to shoes. However, brands need to follow trends and we believe GUESS was one of the brands that exceeded our expectations! They’re comfortable shoes, but with something we call the “GUESS touch”, i.e. simple pairs with a special touch that only this brand knows to offer, and if you don’t believe us just look at the pictures above. Both the Lady Blue and the Reeta White sneakers are perfect!

Now that you know some of our favourite comfy shoes, what are you waiting for to buy your own pair? We’re sure that at our online store EscapeShoes you’ll find your perfect pair, and who knows maybe something in outlet.

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