Pepe Jeans

Despite starting as a jeans brand, nowadays Pepe Jeans encompasses many other fashion accessories, including… That’s right, footwear! However, in its spring / summer collection 2019 there’s a type of footwear that undoubtedly dominates: sneakers. And why sneakers? Well, they’re the most comfortable and practical footwear to wear daily, but Pepe Jeans sneakers prove that this type of footwear can also be stylish. Keep reading this EscapeShoes blog post and see what this brand has for you!

  • Women’s sneakers
  • Men’s sneakers

Women’s sneakers

women's sneakers

Obviously, we start with women’s shoes and, as you can see on the picture above, there’s a huge variety to choose from. For sunny days, there’s nothing better than light and breathable sneakers, for example the Koko Sand. On the other hand, if you want to feel feminine and in style, how about the Verona Greek? They’ve such a lovely combo of pink and gold! Of course, white sneakers are always a great option, and these Adams Cherry also have a beautiful side floral detail. And for those that love chunky soles and to feel taller, go with the Sinyu Reflect in silver and beige. Which one would you pick?

Men’s sneakers

men's sneakers

Of course we can’t forget about the gentlemen! Once again, there are many trainers to choose from. For example, the Traveller Navy are ideal for when you want a less casual outfit. Also in blue, the Tinker Basic Nylon also have a touch of orange for a subtle pop of colour. If on the contrary you prefer green, what do you think about the Tinker Zero Seal? Their dark colour makes them quite versatile! To finish, the Jayker Dual D-Limit Mix will certainly surprise due to their lightness and comfort. Not to mention that since they’re light-coloured they match anything.

We know it’s hard to pick among all these sneakers! However, your task will not become easier when you see all the other Pepe Jeans sneakers that are already available at our EscapeShoes online store! Don’t miss this opportunity and pay us a visit! Your ideal pair’s waiting for you!

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