If you’re looking for new sneakers for this season, you need to look no further! Converse’s most recent spring / summer collection 2017 has arrived at EscapeShoes! If you still didn’t have the opportunity to look at the new shoes, get ready to be amazed, because the brand surprised us yet again with more variety to fulfil your preferences. If you don’t believe us, keep reading this blog post where we’ll present to you a small sample of the surprises that this American brand has in store for you. Shall we?

New colours


As it’s already expected, the brand presents us for this season new colours of its classic All Star. Aren’t they lovely? They’re really suitable for these springtime days, both the salmon colour of the Chuck Taylor All Star Sunset Glow and the green colour of the Chuck Taylor All Star Menta. They’re colours that certainly stand out due to their brightness, but even so they’re easy to match with other colours. If you’re thinking about going to any festival this year, couldn’t you just imagine how great they’d match with your festival outfit? They’d look amazing!

New patterns


In addition to new colours, Converse’s also able to create new and original patterns. Case in point is the Chuck Taylor All Star White Blue Granite, which have a very subtle striped pattern due to their light shades of white and grey. Moreover, they present the extra bonus of having the Lunarlon insole, for a better cushioning, thus assuring that with each step you take you feel like you’re walking on clouds! However, if you’re looking for something more vibrant and feminine, what do you think about the Chuck Taylor All Star Ultra Red Black White? Their diamond pattern in shades of coral, white and red reminds us of scales, and even their texture reminds us of such, despite being at the same time pleasant to the touch. Comfortable, pretty and very original… what more do you need in a pair of shoes?

Metallized details


To end the post with a bang, we’ve for you a trend that has been a favourite for many seasons now, the one of metallized details. And Converse uses this trend to its advantage by ensuring that its shoes stand out even more. That’s truly the case of the Chuck Taylor All Star Black Gold White, especially thanks to their black canvas that makes sure that their gold details really stand out. However, if you’re one of those that simply love white shoes and there’s nothing or no one that can persuade you otherwise, we’ve for you the Chuck Taylor All Star White Silver, with a perfect fusion of, of course, white and silver. Now it only depends on the preference of each one… Do you prefer gold or silver?

After reading this post about Converse’s spring / summer collection 2017, we’re sure that you’ve fallen in love with a pair or two that we just mentioned! It’s impossible to resist their charms, right? Tell us which one is your favourite on the comments below! And you already know that you can find these sneakers and many more at EscapeShoes. Your perfect pair’s already waiting for you!