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Do you know Carmela ankle boots? Really! You don’t? Then come find out about this Spanish brand that has been conquering hearts all over the world!

The birth of Carmela

In 2016, the already renowned Xti Group, known for their original and trendy designs decided to bet on something new: high quality leather shoes at an accessible price.

In order to do that they went looking for the best natural leather; then they gave it to the best craftsman to give life to the original ideals of the greatest Spanish designers. And this is how Carmela was born!

They were aiming to create comfortable shoes that could compete in every aspect with the greatest international fashion names. It is obvious they were able to do that with all the little details they put into their creations!

Ankle boots

Besides shoes, Carmela has a super elegant and beautiful leather bag collection. But their ankle boots are still everyone’s favourite choice.

Their classic design ankle boots are what makes women all over the world fall for them. The elegancy that each model has is unique and very special, thanks to the small details added to them.

And you are wrong if you think you have to suffer to become elegant, because Carmela has created anatomical forms and added cushioned insoles so you can always feel comfortable.

Come see with us some super comfortable and elegant ankle boots designs from this Spanish brand!

High heel ankle boots

The classic and elegant high heeled ankle boots have always been every woman favourites. They can be worn on any occasion because they are very elegant and will make you feel always beautiful and confident. Such as these brown cowboy ankle boots or the grey ones. Have you noticed their metal buckle and studs? Those are a sublime detail on these lovely ankle boots!

high heel carmela ankle boots

Flat ankle boots

For you to feel elegant, you don’t necessarily have to wear high heels. For example, these metallic buckle and studs’ ankle boots are the proof. They are very practical and modern, and they will look lovely on your feet! And if you don’t like black, they are also available in brown!

flat carmela ankle boots

Ankle boots with shoelaces

Not everyone likes the classic ankle boot model, and if you want to be part of a different crowd, Carmela created these lovely ankle boots with shoelaces. The camel leather ankle boots have a very fun intertwining of their shoelaces and so you don’t have to untie them beacuse they have a zipper! And if you like high heels, for instance these  brown ankle boots that, besides the shoelaces, also have a buckle on the top of the shaft. They are very pretty don’t you think?

shoelace carmela ankle boots

The small details that make a difference

For this brand, what really matters are the small details they put into their creations. That is what makes them stand out from others and gives them a very special character. Specifically on these lovely leather ankle boots with stars. With a perfect mix of leather, suede and small metallic studs inside of two cut out suede stars; they are very lovely and very juvenile.

stars carmela ankle boots

But if you prefer a more adult look, there are these grey Serraje ankle boots with leather straps tied around the shaft to make them even more elegant. Or, if the straps aren’t really your thing, there are the brown Serraje with two funny pendants. They are both wonderful!

serraje carmela ankle boots

Carmela online

This brand is becoming more and more famous with their classic and avant-garde designs. That is why their creations are perfect for anyone who wants comfortable and quality shoes.

It is all the love and dedication they put into the small things that defines Carmela. That is why it has become an almost mandatory presence in every moment of our lives.

And how can you easily buy their wonderful creations? On EscapeShoes, of course!

We’ve shown you some of the wonderful models we have on our online store and there are a lot more waiting, just a click away!

What are you waiting for? After all, there is nothing holding you back! Come on! Just click on and fall in love with this brand!


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