Dr.Martens … from the factory to the stage

botas dr martens

Dr.Martens origins date back to the post World War II, more precisely, to 1945 in Munich. Klaus Martens, a 25 year old soldier, had a broken foot and to help on the recovery, he created an air cushioned sole.

Then, he came together with his friend Herbert Funk, a mechanical engineer, to create a shoe prototype. They had so much success, especially among elderly women that, in 1959, they started advertising the model on international magazines.

It was on one of these magazines that the Griggs family, owner of a shoe factory in England first saw this groundbreaking sole. They got an exclusive license, made some changes and created Dr.Martens 1460 Airwair. This was in 1960 and they were specifically made for British factory workers.

But, since Dr.Martens always paved their own way, they quickly found a way to infiltrate the music scene among Ska fans. And soon they were stepping the stages on The Who’s Pete Townshend’s feet. Dr.Martens even made a special edition to celebrate the first musician that wore them on a stage.

pete townshend the who

That was how these boots became a crucial element in the music festival scene, being adopted by all kind of music fans and musicians, from punk to nu-metal.

Botas Dr.Martens 1460

dr.martens boots

Dr.Martens boots are linked to street fashion and music, making for alternative looks that express the individual and strength. Even if you are part of one of the subcultures that really love these iconic boots, they by themselves create a special and striking style. Yes, you can wear them with a casual style, but it wouldn’t be the same. That is why we are going to give you a few hints on how to wear these boots that are one of the season’s big trends and make for the perfect winter look, as we had already told you on a previous post. Check it out!

– Feminine looks

You can adapt these boots to different looks, like a more artistic one, by wearing them with some straight ripped jeans, a stripe t-shirt and a French beret, for example. And how about a gothic look with a pleaded skirt and some above the knee socks? Just add a tartan pattern item. How about some flashy socks and jean shorts to contrast the boots simplicity, that would be a great punk look. Add a leather jacket to any of them and you will get the perfect rebellious touch to match these boots.

feminine look dr.martens

– Masculine looks

It’s harder for men to stray from the typical pants, but you can create a great and simple casual look with jeans, a t-shirt and a shirt. If you had a red and black checked flannel shirt to a plain black t-shirt, then you just made the perfect punk look. Or you can simply wear some ripped jeans with a metallic chain and a leather jacket on top of a plain t-shirt. It rocks!

dr.martens men

How Dr.Martens boots are made

We already know they are comfortable, long lasting, and perfect for a concert; they are simple, alternative, gender neutral, light and versatile. But we still don’t know very well how they are made, especially their very characteristic sole. But don’t worry; check the video bellow that explains exactly how this iconic model is made.

Where to buy Dr.Martens

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