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In today’s post we will get to know a bit about Pepe Jeans and its course throughout the Fashion World. Come with us to see their Autumn Winter 2019 novelties.

From Portobello road to the world

The London based brand Pepe jeans rose from the minds of three Kenyan brothers that wanted to make a difference in the world of denim clothing. It was in 1973 that brothers Nitin, Arun and Milan Shah started to sell their personalized creations on a small rented stand in Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill, London’s fashion centre.

It was with their creative ideas, with their minds on young and alternative people that put their designs on a lot of clothing stores. That and the fact that their creations are very comfortable have a very original and out of the ordinary finish and they work with high quality materials.

Only eleven years later, in 1984, their popularity was so big that they already had stores in Ireland and rapidly made their way to a lot of European countries, like France, Italy, Portugal or Spain. Yet, the Pepe Jeans logo just as we know it was only revealed to the world in 1992.

Pepe jeans big influencers

This brand has always betted on young and fresh faces, they could almost guess who would become a major publicity star. That is why they are always on the lookout for new talents in the fashion, movies and sports world. Amongst them stand out Ashton Kutcher, Jason Priestly, Laetitia Casta or Cristiano Ronaldo, and more recently, international music star Dua Lipa.

Cristiano and Dua for Pepe

Even though its main focus is on denim, Pepe Jeans has taken a risk on an accessory and shoe line that rapidly gathered a lot of fans.

Pepe jeans shoes

Betting on the quality of their materials and on the originality of their models, every year Pepe Jeans brings us super original sneakers collections. By using materials like suede, leather and synthetic; and by betting on original and colourful patterns, this brand helps us show our originality and fierceness with every step we take.

Come with us and travel through the world of Pepe Jeans shoes.

Autumn winter 2019 collection

For this new collection, Pepe Jeans has bet on retro men shoes, getting inspired by the 70’s running shoes. For example these navy Pepe Jeans that is also available in grey.

sapatilhas Pepe Jeans Tinker Pro Racer

But, if you’d rather have a simpler black model that fits your busy day, come and see these black Pepe Jeans sneakers.Tenis Pepe Jeans Tinker Zero

Yet, if you are a fan of shoes but like to feel as comfortable as if you were wearing some sneakers, you can try these discrete navy Pepe Jeans sneakers or their brown version. They almost get mistaken by some shoes because of their synthetic leather. And they have a cushioned lining on the interior of the heel that goes unto the top of the ankle. They are very beautiful and comfortable.

Tenis Pepe Jeans Marton Basic

For rebel girls, Pepe Jeans has also brought super exotic and fun models. Like these camel Pepe Jeans with a leopard skin pattern. They are beautiful and very original, mostly due to their burgundy synthetic strip on the sides.

Tenis Pepe Jeans Kioto Africa

For girls who like to camouflage amongst society, these Pepe Jeans Kioto Camu are just the thing! With their cameo pattern in various shades of green and a gold strip, you will surely fall for them!

Tenis Pepe Jeans Kioto Camu

Ready your heart for what is coming! We have shown you leopard pattern sneakers, cameo pattern sneakers and now check these dark blue Pepe Jeans Zion Fur! They are outstanding! They have textile, a glossy crocodile skin pattern and they have a fur tongue as well! What more could you possibly want? They are every woman’s dream! And to top that they are available in beige as well!

Pepe Jeans zion fur azul escuro

Where to buy Pepe Jeans

PepeJeans is a very well know brand and is available on a lot of places. But of course the most comfortable and practical way to buy some Pepe Jeans is to go to our online store ant take a peek at what we have available. There are so many that it will be hard for you to choose just one pair. The good thing is that you can buy more than one pair because they are very affordable.

Hop on over to and find your Pepe Jeans!

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