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I’m sure you’ve heard of or know the Lacoste brand, but do you know everything about it? Do you know its history and origin? Do you know that at EscapeShoes we have several models of the brand for sale?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then read this article. Get to know more about the brand and the models we have available for you!

Lacoste Origin and History

The Lacoste brand was founded by tennis player René Lacoste who, together with André Gillier, in 1933, intended to launch a luxury clothing brand in Paris.

The crocodile logo appears, then, following a bet that was worth a crocodile skin bag to the winner, during the Davis Cup of 1927. From then on, the national press started to call tennis player René Lacoste Le Crocodile.

In 1963, Bernard Lacoste, René’s son, took control of the company and, from the 1990s onwards, the brand’s popularity declined significantly. However, with the arrival of Christophe Lemaire in the creative direction, the brand was significantly modernized, while maintaining the base style created by René.

The brand has thus returned to its prestige and popularity position, largely thanks to the contracts that were signed with several high-quality and well-known tennis players, such as Andy Roddick, Wawrinka, Gasquet and Milos Raonic, but also with some golfers.

Spring/Summer 2021 Collection 

At EscapeShoes, you can then find some of the brand’s tennis models, which are characterized by sober lines, not too exuberant tones, favoring whites and dark blues. These sneakers are still clearly urban, practical and, obviously, sporty.

Ténis Lacoste

From left to right, above, Carnaby Evo BI Navy model and the T-Clip White model and below the T-Clip White Trqs model and the Carnaby Evo BI White model are clear examples of the aforementioned characteristics.

Fall/Winter 2021 Collection 

The Autumn/Winter 2021 collection brings with it new models of sneakers, with materials and tones more suited to the colder seasons, but with the brand’s already characteristic lines.

The novelties combine with styles that are more irreverent, more discreet, more urban or more sporty. So, as you can see, versatility is the watchword of the new Lacoste collection. Now see:


You can then find, in the new collection, the T-Clip White Navy Red, the Ziane Plus Grand Black, the T-Clip White Light Green, the L001 White Purple, the T-Clip Navy Dark Green and the T-Clip White Light Pink, all with very sporty and urban lines.

Are you convinced? Sneakers are great for city walks, socializing and fun weekends, always with versatility and comfort on your feet. Perfect, no?

Trust us: the brand thus combines perfectly with more urban weekends and with practical people. Are you always looking to be in fashion and at the same time convey a more sporty style? Buy the brand new models now!



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