Tricks on how to tie your shoes: 6 fun ideas!

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Do you want to learn how to give your shoes a more personal and amusing touch? On the EscapeShoes blog, we show you some examples of lacings, easy to do, but very original, so that your shoes are the protagonist.

Today we will give you 6 tricks to tie your shoelaces, so that your shoes have always the leading part. Come with us!

Have you ever sat on your bed with a pair of sneakers on your hand, just staring at them and wondering: “How will I tie my shoelaces? I’m so fed up of having them always in the same way!”

Yes, it’s true, tying and untying shoelaces is a tedious task. Along goes that time when we were extremely happy for making that first perfect bow. Can you remember that? But, since we are no longer children, what we want is to get it done as fast as possible. That is why most of the times we just tie a simple not on both ends that let us put them on and take them off without untying the shoelaces.

The importance of tying your shoes

In spite all of that, tying correctly your shoes is much more important than what you may think. Besides having the risk of ruining the sneakers, we also have the risk of hurting our feet, since they won’t be safely fixed on the interior of the sneaker, or maybe we could trip on the untied shoelaces and fall.

6 tricks to tie your shoelaces

And it is exactly because we don’t want you to take any chances that we will give you 6 super fun tricks to tie your shoelaces. Come along!

– Basic level tricks

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These two are some of the simpler techniques. For instance, the first one that is nothing more than a hidden knot fixes your lack of patience for tying your sneakers. In this case, the shoelaces will end up with the traditional look but without any bow that may end up getting loose or any loose ends, you will have just a small interior knot. The second example looks just like the old fashioned criss-cross, but if you look closely, you will see it is not, because the shoelaces cross one on the other before entering the eyelets, instead of just alternating on the eyelets like they usually do.

– Intermediate level tricks

Now let’s get to the intermediate level knots, but in fact they are still quite simple.

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In the first example you just have to cross your shoelaces as usual. Start at the top and before getting to the mid-eyelets, go on a straight line to the end and then keep on going up, going through the eyelets that you missed. Then just go over to the other side of the sneakers, repeat the whole thing in reverse until you get to the top, et voilà!

The second option consists on tying your shoelaces traditionally, but making a bow in the mid-eyelets, not on the top ones. You just have to pass one end of the shoelace on the base eyelet and the other end on the top one. Keep on tying them until you get to the middle and they make a bow. In this way you won’t need to tie and untie the shoelace, you just need to adjust it so that you can put the sneakers on and off and your feet is firmly secured inside of them.

– Advanced level tricks

Now that’s when things get complicated!

The first option is very similar to one of the basic tricks, in which one of the ends crosses normally. In the meanwhile, the other end goes under, then above and under the other end one more time before entering the next eyelet. I know it looks hard, but with calm and if you study hard the image, you will surely get it!

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And if you thought that this was complicated, take care so you don’t get scared with the last trick. In this one, the shoelaces form a chess board pattern. Yes, that’s right, then let’s take this nicely and calmly to get it right. This trick was thought for two different coloured shoelaces. Just imagine that your sneakers are a textile loom and you have to join the threads to make a tapestry work of art. Let’s get started!

First you have to pass one of the shoelaces through one of the upper eyelets, go through all of the eyelets without crossing until you get to the base and take that end to the top. Then start working with the other shoelace. Get it through the top eyelet and take it to the base, making it go alternately bellow and above the other shoelace, then make the opposite way. Keep on going until you run through the previous shoelace and so as both shoelaces go out through the top eyelets. Now you just have to choose if you want to make a pretty bow on the outside or a simple hidden knot bellow the tongue. Yes, it may be a bit tiring but it is worth the effort when the end result is so colourful and original.

May the best trick win!

Now that we have shown you these 6 tricks to tie your shoelaces, you just have to try them and see what looks better on your sneakers. And you could even gather your family and make a small competition to see who’s the fastest to complete the tricks. It is a great way to have fun and to give a breath of fresh air to your sneakers. And if you want to find out more tricks with step by step instructions, just go to Ian’s Shoelace Site.

And if don’t have any sneakers, just go to EscapeShoes and pick those you enjoy the most, there are a lot of wonderful sneakers that will look awesome with these original shoelace patterns!

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